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Super Mario World

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Super Mario World was originally designed for the Super Famicon and the Super Nintendo (SNES). This game is considered by many players to be the best of the Super Mario series, if not among the best games of all time.

The SNES collection Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World contained remakes of the Super Mario Bros. series, as well as Super Mario World. A slightly enhanced version of Super Mario World can now be purchased along with a remade version of Mario Bros. as Super Mario Advance 2, which is available for the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP.

Switch Palaces

You may have seen dotted-line "blocks" throughout the game. These "blocks" have no use in the beginning. However, if you activate a Switch Palace of the corresponding color, the dotted-line "blocks" will become solid exclamation blocks, allowing you to use them. Switch Palaces can only be completed once.

You can find the four Switch Palaces in the following worlds:

The yellow exclamation blocks will provide Super Mushrooms, the green blocks will provide Cape Feathers, and the red and blue blocks only act as barriers.


This page describes the moves that Mario can do, with and without Yoshi.


[edit | edit source]

Press the d-pad left or right to walk left or right, respectively.


[edit | edit source]

To run left or right (respectively) press the d-pad left or right and press X or Y. When Mario reaches top speed he will spread his arms out.


[edit | edit source]

With a cape, when running at full speed, jump and Mario will begin to fly.


[edit | edit source]

While flying, hold back away from the direction mario is moving to drift. Mario will hold onto his cape and his decent will slow. Pushing forward will speed up his fall, while tapping back will allow you to cruise for extended periods of time. If timed correctly, it is possible to crawl up the screen using this technique.

Mario and Yoshi jump if you press (B). Jump is probably the move that you will be using the most throughout the game. Most enemies can be defeated by jumping on them. The faster Mario is running the higher he jumps.

Mario and Yoshi jump equally high. However, Yoshi's jumps are as powerful as Mario's spin jump, but do not break yellow bricks. Yoshi can also jump on certain enemies, such as Blargg, that Mario must spin jump on or get hit. Like Mario, Yoshi jumps higher if he is running faster.

Spin Jump

[edit | edit source]

Press (A) to spin jump. Spin jumps are not as high as normal jumps, but they are more powerful. If Mario is not small, he can break yellow bricks using his spin jump. Mario can also spin jump on top of certain enemies that would injure him if he landed on them otherwise.

The faster Mario runs the higher he will spin jump. A spin jump at top speed is slightly higher than a normal jump standing still.

If a large (i.e. super, fire or cape) Mario spin jumps and lands on Yoshi while Yoshi is standing on yellow bricks, Yoshi will break the bricks. Spin jump to get off of Yoshi.

Yoshi Double-Jump

[edit | edit source]

First, Mario or Luigi must be on Yoshi. Jump (B) while on Yoshi, and then dismount (A). You will be able to jump twice the normal height. You can jump even higher with this technique using a spring-board.


[edit | edit source]

Mario can climb a fence, vine or rope by coming near the fence, vine or rope and pressing up. To get off a fence, vince or rope jump off it by pressing (B).

Fence Moves

[edit | edit source]

While climbing a fence, Mario can punch by pressing (Y). If the punch hits an koopa on the other side of the fence, the koopa will die. If mario punches a door in the fence, he will flip over to the other side of the fence. If Mario climbs across the head of a koopa that is climbing the same side of the fence he is, Mario will kill the koopa. If, however, he touches the neck or the shell, Mario will get hurt.

Entering Doors

[edit | edit source]

To enter a door press up.

Getting On/Off Yoshi

[edit | edit source]

To get on Yoshi, jump (B) on his back. To get off Yoshi press (A).

Carrying/Throwing Items

[edit | edit source]

Certain objects in the game, such as overturned goombas and keys, can be carried and thrown. To carry an item approach it and press (Y). To throw the object press (Y) again. P-switches do not do damage when thrown. However, throwing objects other than p-switches is the most powerful attacking move in the game. Throwing objects is the only move that can kill Bowser.

The overturned and squished enemies that Mario can carry will eventually fix themselves. If Mario is still holding them when this happens, he will get hit.

Eating/Spitting Items

[edit | edit source]

Yoshi can eat certain objects, such as koopa shells and mega mole. Most of these (e.g. mega mole) he will instantly swallow. Those he does not instantly swallow (e.g. koopa shells, keys) he will carry in his mouth for sometime and can spit out. To eat an object press (Y). To spit out an object press (Y) again. Spitting out a object is equivalent to throwing it.

Yoshi can eat more objects than Mario can carry. However, because Yoshi instantly swallows most of these, Mario can throw more objects than Yoshi can spit.


There are many items in Super Mario World. Most of these items can benefit you in some way.


[edit | edit source]

There are several types of coins in Super Mario World. Coins can help you gain extra lives, so collect coins whenever possible.

The following types of coins exist:

  • regular coins
  • dragon coins
  • monster coins

Regular coins are the most commons. Unlike previous Mario games, you normally do not gain points for collecting them unless you get them from special blocks. If you turn an enemy into coins by fireballs or by reaching the goal, you can gain points from the coins. Also, if you get coins by jumping on a yellow Koopa, you also get points. You can gain an extra life per every 100 regular coins.

Most levels have exactly five dragon coins. On any particular level, you will gain 1,000 points for the first dragon coin, 2,000 points for the second, 4,000 points for the third, and points 8,000 for the fourth. Any additional dragon coin you collect will result in an extra life. Once you collect five dragon coins from a level, you cannot collect them again unless you reset the game. Dragon coins also count as regular coins. If you have 99 regular coins in your counter, and you take the fifth dragon coin, you will gain two extra lives.

The gray-colored P-Switches will turn certain enemies into silver coins temporarily. For every coin you collect before the time expires, you gain an increasing number of points per coin, until you reach 8,000. The next coins will earn you an extra life, two extra lives, and finally, three extra lives for every coin you collect.


[edit | edit source]

There are four power-up in Super Mario World, mushrooms, fire flowers, feathers and stars. Power-up can be found in some yellow blocks, ? blocks, hidden blocks and note blocks. Glass blocks will always contain an item that transform from a mushroom to a fire flower to a feather to a star and then repeats the cycle forever. Green ! blocks will always contain a feather. Yellow ! blocks will always contain a mushroom. Power-ups can also be found on on their own (i.e. not in blocks) in parts of certain levels, and enemies and items Mario carries across the goal post may transform into powerups.

Mushrooms turn small Mario into Super Mario and make Mario bigger. Mushrooms with give Mario two hit points (if he is hit he turns to small Mario, if he is hit again as small Mario he dies. There is also a green mushroom which when collected will give you a life.

Fire flowers turn Mario in fire Mario. In this form Mario is able to throw up to two fireballs at a time, these can destroy most weak enemies and can hurt certain bosses

The Cape Feather turns Mario into cape Mario. This allows Mario to fly be reaching speed and he can also spin to kill some nearby enemies

Stars make Mario invincible to enemy hits for a short period of time (he may still die by falling, time running out or being squished). During this period, most enemies Mario touches will die instantly. The first enemy Mario kills with a star will give him 200 points, the second 400, the third 800, then 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000. Every enemy killed afterwards (after the seventh) will be a 1-up or a 2-up. This is one of the quickest ways in the game to get additional lives.

A P-Balloon inflates Mario for a short while, allowing him to float upward to reach high areas.

Certain blocks will contain an egg. An adult Yoshi will instantly hatch out of these eggs. If egg is found on its own (i.e. not in a block), a baby Yoshi (not an adult) will hatch out of it. If you already have a Yoshi, you will get a 1-up mushroom instead.

Crescent Moon

[edit | edit source]

You are able to get tiny smiling crescent moons which are quite rare. They give you three lives if you collect them. HINT: One is located in Yoshi's Island 1 and is explained in detail.

Tornado Shell

[edit | edit source]

When a shell-less Koopa Troopa hops into a yellow shell, it spins and spins and chases Mario! You can't defeat it with CAPE SPIN, jumping, or fireballs,so the only way is to eat it. Yoshi will get wings, stomping, AND fireballs with this guy. In the Green Switch Palace, you can use him to take down Koopas and get a 1UP.



[edit | edit source]

In Super Mario World, there are several types of blocks. Some blocks appeared in previous Super Mario games, but the most of them are new or are changed. For example, the brown brick blocks have disappeared and are replaced by a yellow block with two eyes. In Super Mario Bros, it is said that they are people of the Mushroom Kingdom that were turned into blocks by Bowser.

Yellow blocks

[edit | edit source]

Yellow blocks are cubic-shaped, yellow blocks with two eyes. They're 68.9 centimeters (27.126 inch) high, they're 68.9 centimeters width and 68.9 centimeters long. The main difference with the brick blocks of previous Super Mario games is that you can't break them by jumping against their underside. Instead of breaking, they'll start to spin and you can just jump through them. To break a yellow block, stand on it and do spin jump, then land on the yellow block while spin-jumping. To break yellow blocks with Yoshi, stand with Yoshi on a yellow block, then do a spin jump. You will dismount Yoshi, but you'll also do a spin jump. Land while spin-jumping and holding the button (in the SNES-version the A-button) on Yoshi. Keep holding the button and Yoshi will break the yellow blocks.

If there are enemies walking over a yellow block, you can defeat them very easily just by jumping against the block they're walking or flying over. Of course, you must stand under the block so that you can jump against the underside of the block.

Some yellow blocks have coins or an item (such as a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower) inside them. Jumping against the underside of these blocks will pop the item out. Note that if you jump against the most left underside of those blocks, the item will start moving to the right, and if you jump against the most right underside of the block, the item will start moving to the left. After the item has come out of the block, the block will turn into a solid block.

There are also yellow blocks that will produce a long "wire" of coins if you jump against them. You can move the wire of coins in the direction that you want by just pressing the same direction on the + pad. The block stops producing coins after a few seconds or if the first coin hits an obstacle.

Solid blocks

[edit | edit source]

Solid blocks are blocks that you can't break, but you can turn them into coins! To do this, step on a blue P-switch (not the one in the blue switch palace, but a small switch that you can grab and take it with you). For a short period, you'll hear a timer and all of the solid blocks will turn into coins, but all coins that were in the same room before you pressed the switch will now turn into solid blocks, creating walls but sometimes also new paths for you. You can also combine this technique with a block that produces a "wire" of coins. Just hit the block first, then step on the switch and guard the blocks into the direction that you want.

Glass blocks

[edit | edit source]

Glass blocks are translucent blocks with an item inside. The item inside the block changes every second. You can smash the item out by smashing the block with your cape, but if you're riding on Yoshi, you can also eat the item out.


[edit | edit source]

?-blocks always contain items. It can be one or more coins, but also a P-cloud, a cape feather, a Fire Flower, a Super Mushroom, a 1-up, or a Yoshi egg. To get as much coins out of a ?-block, stand under it and start jumping very fast. When the block has no more items in it, it will turn into a solid block. You can't break ?-blocks by spin-jumping on them. They sometimes appear if you press a P-switch, creating new paths for you. At the start of some courses is a Starman, if you grab it and then run you'll sometimes find another ?-block. Jumping against it while you're still invincible will sometimes pop a new Starman out of it. Grab it and run further, until you see another ?-block, repeating the trick, and so on. ?-blocks first appeared in Super Mario Bros.


[edit | edit source]

!-blocks are very special blocks. There are 4 different types. !-blocks only appear after you've pressed the big !-switch with the same color in a Switch Palace. Until then, only the outlines of the !-block appear.

  • If you hit the underside of a yellow !-block, a Super Mushroom will come out.
  • If you hit the underside of a green !-block, a Cape Feather will come out.
  • If you hit the underside of a blue !-block, nothing will come out.
  • If you hit the underside of a red !-block, also nothing will come out.

Each !-block can prove useful as when activated can lead to secrets. They can also bridge gaps which make completing a level much easier.

Blue blocks

[edit | edit source]

Blue blocks are similar to solid blocks, the only difference being that they can be picked up. When picked up, they begin to flash, and will eventually disappear after a short time. Like any other object that can be picked up, they can be thrown, as well.

Note blocks

[edit | edit source]

Note block are somewhat similar to jump pads, but note blocks can appear also off the ground, something what jump pads can't. If you jump on them, you'll jump back up a little bit. If you press and then hold the jump button while jumping on a note block, you'll jump very high. Sometimes a item will come out, but never coins. Note blocks appeared for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Triangle blocks

[edit | edit source]

Triangle blocks are probably the weirdest blocks ever appeared in a Super Mario game. When you're playing with Mario or Luigi (so without Yoshi) and you run toward a smiling block and run on it, you'll just walk up the wall! To make sure you don't fall of the wall, just keep running and you'll walk straight up, higher and higher. But if you're with Yoshi, smiling blocks act if they're Jump Pads, so you'll bounce off, jumping pretty high.

Star blocks

[edit | edit source]

Star blocks give you items, but every time, the item is different. The item you get is based on the time you have left. You can get a coin (only one), but you can also get a precious 1-up. It seems that if you're riding Yoshi has also effect on the block, and also which color Yoshi you're riding. They don't appear very often, but there's one in Yoshi's Island 3 on the end of the stage. After you've jumped against them, they'll just turn into solid blocks.

Power blocks

[edit | edit source]

Power blocks appear in some castles and in some courses too. You can control the ceiling or something else, such as the path of a moving platform with it. When you enter a room in a castle with a power block, the ceiling will most of the time come down. Just keep your head cool and run toward a power block, then hit the underside of it. The text on it will change, and so does the color of it. When you've hit it the ceiling will go back, but when it has reached its highest point, it will come down again, so hurry up if you don't want to get squeezed.

Message blocks

[edit | edit source]

Message blocks are, just as you maybe expected, blocks that display a hint or another message when you hit the underside of them. The one in Yoshi's House is quite special, because the text will be different when you're on Yoshi and when you're not. There's not much more to be said about it, because they can't do anything else. They just display something, not more and not less.

Boo Buddies

[edit | edit source]

Boo Buddies are very special Boos. They were created by the Boos to fool Mario and Luigi, since Boo Buddies can turn into solid blocks, so Mario and Luigi would think that they were surrounded just by ordinary blocks. When Mario or Luigi then watched in the other direction, Boo Buddies could grab them. The plan didn't work. Boo Buddies only helped you out of the ghost house, instead of keeping you in. The strategy to let Boo Buddies create a stair for you so you can just walk out of the ghosthouse: just walk away from the Boo Buddies, so that they'll follow you. If they have reached the place you want, just turn around and they'll turn into solid blocks.

Hidden blocks

[edit | edit source]

Hidden blocks are blocks that are invisible. So you can't see them. But if you hit a hidden block, you'll stop moving. If you jump against the underside of it, always something useful will come out of the block. After being hit, hidden blocks turn into solid blocks.

Main characters

Mario and Luigi are the main characters in Super Mario World, and they are the only playable characters. In single-player games, the player must use Mario. In two-player games, the first player must use Mario, while the second player must use Luigi.

Unlike certain Mario games, such as Super Mario Bros. 2 USA, there are no gameplay differences between the Mario and Luigi. Both characters run at the same speed, jump the same height, and so forth. In the original version of Super Mario World the two are also identical in appearance except that Mario wears a red shirt and Luigi wears a green shirt. However, in the Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World version Luigi is slightly taller than Mario, but the two are still identical in terms of gameplay.


Yoshi is the friendly dinosaur that helps Mario and Luigi through Dinosaur Island by allowing them to ride on his back.

Getting Yoshi

[edit | edit source]
  • If Mario hits certain ? blocks Yoshi will pop out.
  • In the Star World levels baby Yoshis are lying around in eggs. Feed them a star, mushroon, feather or fire flower or five other items that Yoshi can eat and they transform into an adult Yoshi.


[edit | edit source]

Yoshi offers several advantages but also some disadvantages.

  • Yoshi's jump is as powerful as Mario's spin jump.
  • If Mario has Yoshi, can ? block or egg that would have contained Yoshi, contains a 1-up instead.
  • Yoshi can eat some enemies. Some of the enemies that Yoshi can eat, such as Mega Mole cannot be killed with jump. Yoshi can also eat berries and grab a power-up for Mario by eating it.
  • Yoshi can hold some items, such as Koopa shells, in his mouth. After some time, however, he will eat these items. Spitting out these enemies is equivalent to Mario's throwing them.
  • Yoshi can break yellow bricks if a large Mario (super Mario, cape Mario or Fire Mario) spin jumps and lands on Yoshi while Yoshi is standing on yellow bricks.
  • If Yoshi eats a red shell, he will spit it out as a flame. This flame kills the same enemies that fireballs kill, including some that jump cannot kill. Enemies killed by Yoshi's flame, except Chargin' Chucks, turn into coins.
  • If Yoshi eats a yellow shell, he will stomp dust when he lands. This dust kills the enemies that cape twirl kills, including some that jump cannot kill.
  • If Yoshi eats a blue shell, he will gain the ability to fly.
  • If Yoshi grabs a pair to Yoshi wings he enter a special stage (usually with out enemies - see Cheese Bridge Area for exception). When he exits this stage, the level will be completed. Yoshi wings will also transform Yoshi into blue Yoshi (see special Yoshis).
  • Mario and Yoshi can perform a double jump (see Moves section), allowing Mario to jump almost twice as high.
  • If Mario is hit while riding Yoshi, Mario will not die or shrink. Instead Yoshi will run away. Mario can recover Yoshi by jumping on him.
  • Fire Mario cannot shoot fireballs while riding Yoshi.
  • Cape Mario cannot do cape spin while riding Yoshi.
  • Cape Mario cannot fly as far when he has Yoshi.
  • Yoshi cannot climb ropes, vines or fences.
  • Yoshi cannot enter ghost houses or castles.
  • Mario with Yoshi is larger than a large Mario. This makes it difficult or impossible to reach certain areas and easier to be hit or squished.

Special Yoshis

[edit | edit source]

Special Yoshis are found as babies in Star Road. Mario must feed the baby Yoshis one star, mushroom, fire flower or feather or five other items that Yoshi can eat to transform them into adult Yoshis. Special Yoshis have the same ability as normal (green) Yoshi except that:

  • Blue Yoshi gains the ability to fly whenever he eats a koopa shell. He is considered by far the best of the Yoshis. He is found in Star World 2.
  • Red Yoshi spits out every koopa shell as a flame. He is considered the worst of the Yoshis, including green Yoshi. He is found in Star World 1 and Star World 4.
  • Yellow Yoshi stomps dust whenever he eats a koopa shell. He is considered somewhat better than green and red Yoshi. He is found in Star World 3 and Star World 5.

Status changing

Unlike in some Mario games, small Mario can become fire Mario or cape Mario without first become super Mario.

Status Changes

  • Small Mario + mushroom = super Mario
  • Small Mario + fire flower = fire Mario
  • Small Mario + feather = cape Mario
  • Super Mario + mushroom = super Mario + mushroom in storgage
  • Super Mario + fire flower = fire Mario + mushroom in storage
  • Super Mario + feather = cape Mario + mushroom in storage
  • Fire Mario + mushroom = fire Mario + mushroom in storgage
  • Fire Mario + fire flower = fire Mario + fire flower in storage
  • Fire Mario + feather = cape Mario + fire flower in storage
  • cape Mario + mushroom = cape Mario + mushroom in storgage
  • Cape Mario + fire flower = fire Mario + cape in storage
  • Cape Mario + feather = cape Mario + feather in storage
  • Large (super, fire or cape) Mario + hit = small Mario
  • Any Yoshi + Yoshi wings = blue Yoshi

About Storage

Only one item can be held in storage. An item that goes into storage will replace whatever item was there before. So a less desirable item (mushroom, fire flower) can replace a more desirable item (fireflower, feather) in storage! If you are hit - but not killed - the item in storage will come floating down allowing Mario to grab it. The item will also float down if you press select. If Mario dies while having an item in storage, the item in storage will remain when he restarts (a continue needs to be used).

Small status

When Mario is small, he is called small Mario.

Getting Small Mario

[edit | edit source]
  • When starting a new game or when restarting a saved one, the player begins with small Mario.
  • If cape Mario, fire Mario or super Mario get hit they turn into small mario.
  • If Mario dies, he restarts as small mario.


[edit | edit source]

Small mario is the weakest Mario.

  • A single hit kills small Mario.
  • Small mario cannot break yellow bricks using spin jump.
  • However, his small size allows him to access areas that are otherwise more difficult to access.

It is quite possible, but more difficult, to beat the game using only small mario. In fact 90 of the 96 exits can be beaten using only small mario. The exceptions are:

  • Secret exit of Donut Ghost House, cape Mario required
  • Secret exist of Cheese Bridge Area, Yoshi or cape Mario required
  • Secret exit of Forrest of Illusion 3, super Mario required
  • Secret exit of Valley of Bowser 4, Yoshi required
  • Both exits of Star Road 1, super Mario required

Super status

When Mario is large, but without a cape or fire, he is called Super Mario.

Getting Super Mario

[edit | edit source]
  • If small Mario gets a mushroom, he becomes super Mario.
  • If small Mario crosses a midway tape, he becomes super Mario.


[edit | edit source]
  • If Super Mario gets hit he does not die, he becomes small Mario.
  • Super Mario can break yellow blocks using his spin jump.

Fire status

Getting Fire Mario

[edit | edit source]
  • Mario becomes fire Mario if he grabs a fire flower.


[edit | edit source]

Fire Mario is generally considered inferior to cape Mario. However he is considered superior to cape Mario for underwater levels

  • Fire Mario can shoot bouncing fireballs by pressing X or Y.
  • Fireballs can kill certain enemies, such as the Jumpin' Piranha Plants, that cannot be killed with jump.
  • Enemies killed by fireballs, except Chargin' Chucks and Koopa Kids, turn into coins.
  • However, no more than two fireballs can be on the screen at once.
  • If fire Mario spin jumps (A), he will release fireballs (one fireball to the left and one to the right).
  • Fire Mario can break yellow blocks using spin jump.

Caped status

Getting Cape Mario

[edit | edit source]
  • If Mario grabs a feather, he becomes Cape Mario.


[edit | edit source]

Cape Mario is generally considered the best Mario.

  • Cape Mario can fly.
  • Cape Mario can jump further than other Marios by gliding as he falls.
  • Cape Mario can perform a cape spin. Cape spin can kill some enemies that cannot be killed by jump, such as Jumpin' Piranha Plants.
  • Cape Mario can break yellow blocks using spin jump.
  • He can also flip yellow blocks using his cape spin.
  • After flying up, Mario can smash down on the ground. This creates an earthquake which kills certain enemies.
  • If cape Mario is hit he does not die. Instead he becomes small Mario.


[edit | edit source]

Cape is not available until Donut Plains 1.

Yoshi's Island

An overhead view of Yoshi's Island

Yoshi's Island is the first world of Super Mario World. It contains seven levels, including the Yellow Switch Palace and Yoshi's House, which could not really be considered a level.

Yoshi's Island's levels:

Note: When completed, this page will contain info on the creatures in and the difficulty of the world.

Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's House

Yoshi's House
Level type Above ground
Entrance Title screen
Exit Yoshi's Island 1 or 2
Secret Exit None
Time at start Not timed
Difficulty None

Yoshi's House is the starting area of Super Mario World, and is located on Yoshi's Island. Unlike other areas, Yoshi's House is single-screen and entirely optional, and it has no time limit (the timer is always at 0).

Clearing the level

[edit | edit source]

Simply walk off the screen in either direction.

There are a few purposes for visiting here, such as if Mario hits the Message Box without Yoshi, he gets the message saying that Yoshi is not home. If he hits the box while Yoshi is with him, the message becomes different. If Mario is Yoshi, he can have him eat berries; eating enough of them grants Yoshi an extra life.


[edit | edit source]
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One part of the ending scene takes place at Yoshi's House.


[edit | edit source]
  • There are little birds on the top of the trees that have the same colors of the game's four different Yoshis.

Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 1

Yoshi's Island 1
Level type Above ground
Entrance Yoshi's House
Exit Yellow Switch Palace
Secret Exit None
Time at start 300
Difficulty Very easy

Yoshi's Island 1 is the first level of Yoshi's Island.


[edit | edit source]

Normal Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Normal Strategy is when you go through the level rather slowly, doing everything on the way. This may exclude such things as getting coins or stomping on enemies not in the way and you never fly over the entire level or even just parts of it.

Start at the Beginning

[edit | edit source]

Jump on the Koopa, spin him with the cape, or throw a fireball at him.DC#1 Duck when the Banzai Bill comes, or try to jump over or on top of him. Spin-jump the Rex to kill him in one hit (or spin him with the cape. Hit the flying question mark from below and get the mushroom/flower unless you have a feather in reserve. If you were caped, switch back into caped form (with Select). Kill each Rex as they come, by spin-jumping them, throwing fireballs at them, or spinning them with the cape. If you are small or super, go on the slanted slopes instead of the flat land below.DC#2 When a mushroom comes out of the ground, get it unless you have something better in reserve.

If you are in fire form, throw a fireball at the piranha plant. If you are caped, spin jump straight up right next to the tube when the piranha plant is in it. Otherwise, run under the piranha plant. If you are not small and have nothing in reserve, spin-jump on the blocks to go in the tube. Otherwise, ignore the italicized text. After going through the tube, spin jump on the blocks to get the mushroom. Get the coins, too. If you want, spin-jump on the other blocks to get the dragon coin.DC#3 Go back through the tube. You shoot out over the piranha plant and through the midway gate. Skip ahead to the next paragraph. Walk over the green tubes and kill the Rex by spin-jumping him. Kill or get past the piranha plant in the same way as you did at the beginning of the paragraph. Go through the midway gate.

Start at the midway gate

[edit | edit source]

If you see an exclamation mark and have nothing in reserve (or are small), hit it and get the mushroom. Now, if you are super or normal, go on top of the hill DC#4 and slide (with the down button) on top of the Rex. Don't worry about killing him. Otherwise, kill the three Rexes below the easy way (throw fireballs, spin with cape). Either way, duck in the ditch, as a Banzai Bill comes. Once he passes, continue on and kill the Rex in the easiest way possible (spin-jump, throw fireballs at, or spin with cape). Grab the Koopa shell and throw it straight up at the block (the message tells you how). Run along, and this time, when the Banzai Bill comes, jump on top of him. Get the life and kill the Rex. Jump on the middle of the three identical blocks, and jump from there to hit the question mark. Get the mushroom or fire flower.

Kill the next two Rexes (by throwing fireballs at them, spinning them with the cape, or spin-jumping on top of them). Jump on the first ledge you come to and watch the Banzai Bill pass. From there, jump and shoot the piranha plant if you are in fire form. Otherwise, get past it or spin it with the cape. Kill the next Rex, too.DC#5 The last defender is a Chargin' Chuck. He is resistant to fireballs, but not to the cape. If you are not caped, jump on him three times to kill him, then cut the finish tape. You can also cut the tape before you kill the Chargin' Chuck if you want to. Either way, you beat the level!

Dragon Coin Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Coin Strategy is when you get all the dragon coins (simple enough). You beat everything normally, but your primary goal is to get the dragon coins.

To do this, follow the above walkthrough and at each of the links, get the dragon coin.

Dragon Coin #1

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #1 is next to the ledge that the Koopa slides down. To get it, either jump up from below or get on the ledge and get it.

Dragon Coin #2

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #2 is in the same position as #1, except after the three slopes you can choose or not choose to go on.

Dragon Coin #3

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #3 is in the cave that you can get a mushroom in. To get it, you have to get in the cave by spin-jumping on the blocks over the tube. Go in, and spin jump on the blocks above the dragon coin. Get it and exit.

Dragon Coin #4

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #4 is at the top of the hill above the three Rexes.

Dragon Coin #5

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #5 is above the last Rex of the level. You don't have to do anything special to get it.

Quick Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Quick Strategy focuses on speed. Coins, points, lives, or anything else are of no importance.

Lives Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Lives Strategy focuses on getting lives, and at the same time, stays as safe as possible. A rule of thumb is: if you can get a life, even if it leaves you in greater danger than before, it is worth it; if you die, you don't lose any lives and if you survive, you gain a life. The lives strategy also goes for mushrooms, fire flowers, and cape feathers as well, because they save lives.


[edit | edit source]
The 3-Up moon is hidden high in the sky.

The very rare 3-Up moon can be found in this level. To find it, enter the level as caped Mario (you will need to find the cape in another level). Use the area around the midway gate as your runway, then fly up and to the right. You will see the 3-Up moon on a small platform high in the sky.


[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the enemies that appear on Yoshi's Island 1, in order that they first appear:


[edit | edit source]

Items in Yoshi's Island 1, in order of appearance:

  • 2 Fire Flowers/Mushrooms (depending on form)
  • 3 Mushrooms
  • 3 Coins
  • 1 Red Koopa Shell
  • 1 1-Up Mushroom
  • 1 3-Up moon

Yoshi's Island/Yellow Switch Palace

Yellow Switch Palace
Level type Switch Palace
Entrance Yoshi's Island 1
Exit Dead end
Secret Exit None
Time at start 200
Difficulty Very easy

The Yellow Switch Palace is the first of the four switch palaces in Super Mario World, located on Kappa Mountain.


[edit | edit source]

Level solution

[edit | edit source]

The Yellow Switch Palace is a very easy level with a 200-second time limit. It consists of two rooms connected by a single green pipe. The first room contains a P-Switch and a long ledge of concrete blocks. Stomping the P-Switch will cause coins to materialize temporarily everywhere in the room. Collect as many as possible to gain extra lives. You can also use the "P-Switch recycle" trick to gain additional lives. Finally, enter the green pipe on the right end of the room.

You will now enter a long corridor that terminates in a room with a large, yellow switch marked with an exclamation point. Jump on this switch to receive a message that all yellow block outlines have been filled in. After this point, you will see yellow exclamation blocks being distributed across Dinosaur Island. You can then choose whether to save your progress. Hit these blocks and you get a Mushroom. They help in early levels, and are needed to enter the Special World.

Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 2

Yoshi's Island 2
Level type Above-ground
Entrance Yoshi's House
Exit Yoshi's Island 3
Secret Exit None
Time at start 400
Difficulty Very easy

Yoshi's Island 2 is the second level on Yoshi's Island.


[edit | edit source]

Normal Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Normal Strategy is when you go through the level rather slowly, doing everything on the way. This may exclude such things as getting coins or stomping on enemies not in the way and you never fly over the entire level or even just parts of it.

Start at the beginning

[edit | edit source]

Run past two ledges until you reach two item boxes. A Yoshi is in the second of the two; hit it to release him. Keep running and stomp on a Koopa under a set of coins.DC#1 Stomp on another Koopa under another Dragon Coin as you keep running.DC#2 Run up the set of stairs and avoid a Chargin' Chuck at the top of the stairs, where another Dragon Coin is just a jump away.DC#3

Start at the midway gate

[edit | edit source]

After you pass the midway point, jump over two pipes until you reach three item boxes. If you have lost your Yoshi, hit the center box to get another one; if you still have a Yoshi, hit it to get an extra life. After you pass the item boxes, you will see two small ledges and one big one in the middle. Jump up on the second small ledge and you will see two yellow boxes. Hit the second box to cause a beanstalk to sprout. Abandon your Yoshi if you have one and climb up the stalk to reach a line of clouds, where another Dragon Coin is located.DC#4 Jump down, retrieve your Yoshi, and drop to ground level. Keep running straight on the ground until you reach a ledge and you cannot go straight anymore. Jump on the ledge, then jump up another one on top of it. Avoid the Monty Mole that pops up out of the cliff, and jump up while you are on the top level to get another Dragon Coin.DC#5 If you have pressed the yellow switch at the Yellow Switch Palace already, hit the yellow box if you have nothing in reserve to get a mushroom.

Avoid the following gap (if the yellow boxes are not visible), and continue on straight. Avoid another Monty Mole, and jump over a pipe. Avoid another mole, and jump over another pipe. After that, you will reach two pipes, a silver and green one. Either attack the Jumpin' Piranha Plant with fireballs or a cape, or just avoid it. After the plant, you will see the "P" item that changes coins into blocks in the center of a grid of boxes. Line up directly under it and hit the bottom center block with your head to cause it to drop. Step on the "P" block to make all the coins turn into blocks. You will see a row of coins that have been turned into blocks. Avoid the Chargin' Chuck by jumping on the blocks, and jump off the end of them to reach the finish line!

Dragon Coin Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Coin Strategy is when you get all the dragon coins (simple enough). You beat everything normally, but your primary goal is to get the dragon coins.

To do this, follow the above walkthrough and at each of the links, get the dragon coin.

Dragon Coin #1

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #1 is after the blue speakerbox and with a few other regular coins. Simply jump up to get it.

Dragon Coin #2

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #2 is a short distance from coin #1. Again, jump up to retrieve it.

Dragon Coin #3

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #3 is after the set of stairs with the first Chargin' Chuck with a few other coins. Jump off the ledge to get it.

Dragon Coin #4

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #4 is after the midway point, where there are two small ledges on each side of a big ledge. Find the two boxes on the right ledge and hit the second box. Climb up the beanstalk that sprouts to reach a line of clouds and the fourth Dragon Coin.

Dragon Coin #5

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #5 is on top of the ledge following the ones used to get coin #4. Jump up onto the top of the ledge and jump again to get it.

Quick Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Quick Strategy focuses on speed. Coins, points, lives, or anything else are of no importance. Ideally, you'll pass the entire level in 40 game seconds (360 left)

Lives Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Lives Strategy focuses on getting lives, and at the same time, stays as safe as possible. The rule of thumb is: if you can get a life, even if it leaves you in greater danger than before, it is worth it; if you die, you don't lose any lives and if you survive, you gain a life. The lives strategy also goes for mushrooms, fire flowers, and cape feathers as well, because they save lives.


[edit | edit source]

The first small blue pipe in the level can be entered, and inside, there are four blue blocks that can be picked up by holding B and tossed up into flying item boxes by pressing up and letting go of B, which can give extra lives or coins.


[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the enemies that appear on Yoshi's Island 2, in order that they first appear:


[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the items you can get on Yoshi's Island 2, in order that they appear first:

  • 1 Mushroom (if yellow switch was pressed)
  • 1 Yoshi egg
  • 1 Yoshi egg
  • 1 Mushroom (if yellow switch was pressed)
  • 1 "P" block

Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 3

Yoshi's Island 3
Level type Elevated
Entrance Yoshi's Island 2
Exit Yoshi's Island 4
Secret Exit None
Time at start 300
Difficulty Very easy (w/Yellow Switch)
Medium (w/o Yellow)
File:Yoshi's Island 3.PNG
An overhead view of Yoshi's Island, with Yoshi's Island 3 in red.

Yoshi's Island 3 is the third level on Yoshi's Island. It is the first elevated level, and its difficulty depends on whether or not the Yellow Switch has been activated.


[edit | edit source]

Normal Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Normal Strategy is when you go through the level rather slowly, doing everything on the way. This may exclude such things as getting coins or stomping on enemies not in the way and you never fly over the entire level or even just parts of it.

Start at the beginning

[edit | edit source]

Begin by jumping up the series of platforms until you reach the top of the cliff. Jump onto the brown platform and wait until it swings close enough to the next cliff before you jump onto it. Hit the yellow item box to get a mushroom (if you have already hit the yellow switch). Jump onto the row of blocks that extend and retract, and stay on the middle block. Jump up to get a Dragon Coin.DC#1 Jump onto the next series of retracting blocks, then jump onto another cliff, and then onto another brown platform, which will carry you over to another cliff. There are two item boxes on this cliff. Hit the second one to get a Yoshi. Jump onto the moving white platform, then jump onto another one and then onto another cliff. You will see two brown rotating platforms ahead of you. Jump onto the first one and wait until it carries you to the bottom (do not jump onto the second one). You will see a yellow pipe underneath you. Jump onto the pipe and press down to enter it. Once inside, hit the "P" block to turn all the coins into blocks. Run across the blocks to get another Dragon CoinDC#2 and jump off the other side to get to the green pipe. Go into the green pipe, and you will emerge out of a reddish pipe. Run straight forward to get to the midway gate.

Start at the midway gate

[edit | edit source]

After you pass the midway point, keep running until you see a Dragon Coin.DC#3 Jump up to get it. Next, jump onto the blocks with the red Koopa on them and then jump up to the top of the cliff where an item box is. If you have a mushroom already, this box will give you a Fire Flower. Jump onto the moving white platform, then onto the cliff, then onto the rotating brown platform, and finally onto a set of retracting blocks. Keep moving along the sets of blocks until you reach a Dragon Coin on the final set.DC#4 Jump up to get it. Jump onto the cliff, then jump off again to get to another white platform, then again to a brown rotating platform. Jump off the brown one onto a cliff with a green star box on it. After you hit the box, jump onto two more rotating platforms and get the Dragon Coin at the end of them.DC#5 Jump onto the final piece of land and run all the way to the finish.

Dragon Coin Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Coin Strategy is when you get all the dragon coins (simple enough). You beat everything normally, but your primary goal is to get the dragon coins.

To do this, follow the above walkthrough and at each of the links, get the dragon coin.

Dragon Coin #1

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #1 is located at the first set of expanding and retracting blocks, just at the end.

Dragon Coin #2

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #2 is where the first two consecutive brown platforms are. Jump down from the first platform to reach a yellow pipe. Go into the pipe and use the "P" block to change the coins into blocks, so you can walk over them and get the coin.

Dragon Coin #3

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #3 is after the set of stairs with the first Chargin' Chuck with a few other coins. Jump off the ledge to get it.

Dragon Coin #4

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #4 is at the next set of expanding and retracting blocks, at the end.

Dragon Coin #5

[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #5 is right before the final piece of land with the finish line; you will probably be able to get it while jumping from the last rotating platform onto the piece of land.

Quick Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Quick Strategy focuses on speed. Coins, points, lives, or anything else are of no importance, but you need to jump in the correct place. With some practice you will use around 42 game seconds (258 left) to pass the entire level.

Lives Strategy

[edit | edit source]

The Lives Strategy focuses on getting lives, and at the same time, stays as safe as possible. The rule of thumb is: if you can get a life, even if it leaves you in greater danger than before, it is worth it; if you die, you don't lose any lives and if you survive, you gain a life. The lives strategy also goes for mushrooms, fire flowers, and cape feathers as well, because they save lives.


[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the enemies that appear on Yoshi's Island 3, in order that they first appear:


[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the items you can get on Yoshi's Island 3, in order that they first appear:

  • 1 Mushroom (if yellow switch was pressed)
  • 1 Yoshi egg
  • 1 "P" block
  • 1 Mushroom/Fire Flower (depending on current status)

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Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 4

Yoshi's Island 4
Level type Elevated
Entrance Yoshi's Island 3
Exit Iggy's Castle
Secret Exit None
Time at start 300
Difficulty Medium

Yoshi's Island 4 is the fourth level of Yoshi's Island. This level consists of platforms above water. At the platform which Mario starts from, three fishes are swimming underneath, they will jump after a few seconds. The first pipe in the level leads to an above ground screen, Pokeys are there and only coins can be collected.

Yoshi's Island/Iggy's Castle

Defeat Iggy.

Donut Plains

Donut Plains is the second world in Super Mario World, containing 10 levels, 3 of which are secrets. The world can be accessed through Yoshi's Island, Vamilla Dome, and Star Road.

Donut Plains contains the following levels:

Donut Plains/Donut Plains 1

Donut Plains 1
Level type Above-ground
Entrance Iggy's Castle
Exit Donut Plains 2
Secret Exit Donut Secret 1
Time at start 400
Difficulty Easy

Donut Plains 1 is the first stage of Donut Plains. The Cape Feather makes its first appearance in this level. At first, Super Koopas will come flying towards Mario, the first one will leave a Feaher if you stomp on it. The first bush after those Koopas hides a mushroom, walk past it and it will pop out. To find the key you must go the Information block that's after the green pipe. If you have turned on the Green Switch, you can run up the Green Block wall using the Triangle Block. If not, you would have to fly up to where the key is placed, which can be more difficult, since there are a lot of obstacles.

Donut Plains/Donut Secret 1

Donut Secret 1
Level type Underwater
Entrance Donut Plains 1
Exit Donut Ghost House
Secret Exit Donut Secret House
Time at start 300
Difficulty Easy

Donut Secret 1 is the first underwater stage in Super Mario World. It can be accessed using the secret exit in Donut Plains 1.

It is full of all the three kinds of fishes: Blurp, Rip Van Fish and Cheep Cheep. It's highly helpful to enter this level with Fire Mario. If not, a Fire Flower can be found not far from the start. The first purple pipe leads to a bonus level, which can be navigated with P-Balloons. After taking the first balloon head left, a second balloon is inside a ? block. Then head for the middle and a yellow block will have a 1-up mushroom. Then to the right collect a Dragon Coin and fall to collect another Fire Flower. To take the secret exit grab the P-Switch and swim with it until you see the key hole. Press the switch and inside the ? block is the key.

Donut Plains/Donut Secret House

Donut Secret House
Level type Ghost house
Entrance Donut Secret 1
Exit Donut Secret 2
Secret Exit Star World 1
Time at start {{{time_at_start}}}
Difficulty {{{difficulty}}}

Donut Secret House is one of two ghost houses in Donut Plains. After transversing the first "room" left-to-right, and entering the second room, there will be a circular arrangement of Boo Buddies. There will then be a small platform with five coins on it. In order to get to the normal exit, these coins must first be taken, and then the P-switch obtained from the leftmost end of the room, brought back to the small platform, and activated. A blue door will then appear, through which is the non-secret goalpost.

In order to get to the secret exit, obtain the P-switch, bring it to the arrangement of yellow blocks in the center, and activate it. A row of question-mark blocks will appear, making it possible to stand on what was previously empty space. Stand on the center question-mark block and hit the yellow block immediately above. A vine will appear, which must be climbed. At the top is a long platform extending to the right, and there is a blue door at the rightmost end. (The P-switch must not have timed out in order for the door to still be there.) The door leads to a battle-room, where there is one Big Boo and three Boo Buddies. The Big Boo must be defeated by throwing at it the gray blocks that make up the floor. Be careful not to create a hole in the floor and fall through it. After the Big Boo is hit three times, it will be defeated, leading to Star Road.

Donut Plains/Donut Secret 2

Donut Secret 2 can be accessed using the secret exit in Donut Secret House. It's an underground level, made mostly out of ice. Lots of Spike Tops and Koopas. After clearing two Jumpin' Pirahna Plants a green pipe will lead to an above ground bonus level. YOu can pass that level with or without the P-Ballon that's inside the ? block. With the ballon you will be able to get more coins.

Donut Plains/Donut Plains 2

This is an underground level. Lots of Buzzy Beetles and Swoopers. The secret exit that leads to the Green Switch Palace can be reached by entering the green pipe that's after the green block among the rising yellow stones. You need to be able to fly, either with Yoshi or a cape. The four yellow blocks that form a staircase lead to a chamber that holds the key. The last block has a vine in it, directly above is the entrance to the chamber. Flying in just with the cape can be tricky since the entrance is narrow, so it's better to let the vine grow and grab it.

Donut Plains/Green Switch Palace

You start out in a room with a P Switch, a Tornado Shell, brown blocks, coins, and Koopas. Hit the switch and run across the coins that changed into blocks. The Tornado Shell will hit all the Koopas and get you a 1up! Then get it in between two coins before the switch runs out. This will trap it. Go through the pipe and press the Green Switch. Now you will find green blocks. These give you a cape if hit, and they make it easy to unlock DONUT SECRET 1. You need them to get past STAR WORLD 4 along with red blocks, and you need them to enter the Special World.

Donut Plains/Donut Ghost House

The Donut Ghost House is the first ghost house in Super Mario World, excluding secret levels. To complete the House you have to go all the way to your right and take the door. Once on the other side, keep heading left and take the next door. Hit the yellow block and a P-Switch will pop out. Press it, but don't take the silver door that will appear. Wait there until the Switch times out and then take the door again. Hit the yellow block and this time a vine will pop out. Take it and you'll find the exit.

There is a secret exit at the beginning of the level that you must fly up to at the far left top that will take you to the alternate exit. This alternate exit will open the path to the Top Secret Area.

Donut Plains/Top Secret Area

The Top Secret Area can be accessed through Donut Ghost House on the second island of Super Mario World. The Top Secret Area contains 5 yellow boxes. The first 2 are Fire Flowers and the second 2 are Feathers. The middle box contains Yoshi. If you go to the Top Secret Area and are small, the first box you hit will be a Mushroom (with the exception of the middle box). If you go to the Top Secret Area and already have Yoshi, you will get a one up mushroom when you hit the middle box. If you think you need to skip this part of the game... Don't! It's very handy where you're running low on lives or need a cape/flower power. (Repeatedly enter this Secret Area when you have Yoshi to aquire more lives). This basically is the coolest part of the game.

When you leave this level in 2-Player mode, it's still your turn!

Donut Plains/Donut Plains 3

This a very easy level that takes place on the air and has lots of revolving plataforms. It's even easier if you have Yoshi. The R Button can let you see ahead. This helps a lot.--Pikminkid 13:55, 3 July 2006 (UTC)

Donut Plains/Donut Plains 4

At the beginning there is a "Tornado Shell", bring Yoshi and eat it up!

Donut Plains/Morton's Castle

Morton's Castle is the second castle level in Super Mario World. It is where Morton Koopa is fought. To defeat Morton, Mario must stomp on him three times, but must also make sure to avoid his traps.

Vanilla Dome

An overhead view of Vanilla Dome

Vanilla Dome is the third world in Super Mario World, which contains 7 levels and 2 secret levels, which are classified under Vanilla Heights. The overhead map to the left shows all the levels in the Vanilla Dome map, as well as the entrance to Star Road and Vanilla Secret 1.

Note: When completed, this page will contain info on the creatures in and the difficuty of the world.

Vanilla Dome/Vanilla Dome 1

There is one secret exit on this level. About half way through you will encounter two yellow pipes coming out from the ceiling and high above in the middle a yellow brick. Bumping the brick will cause a bean stalk to grow which will lead to a key and a key hole. The easiest way to reach the beanstalk is having triggered the Red Switch (This can be accomplished by using the secret exit in Vanilla Dome 2 to reach the Red Switch Palace) which will fill in the stair case and you can easily climb up. Otherwise the easiest way is to have Yoshi with you. With Yoshi you can jump extra high and reach the beanstalk that way. This secret exit leads Mario towards Vanilla Secret 1 and from there the hidden Star Road. File:Vanilla Secret 1.jpg

Vanilla Dome/Vanilla Dome 2

To get to the red switch house: Go until you get to the Single question box which gives you fire flower. When you hop on it to get out of the water, jump to the right then left. Go a bit, pick up the P-Switch, and go as far Left as you can. Activate it, jump over the first hole and into the hole with the coins. Fall to the topmost ledge for the key, then go to the ledge underneath for the keyhole. Watch out for the three fish around the keyhole!

Vanilla Dome/Red Switch Palace

This Switch Palace has some bad guys in it. You can ignore them, or you can use the P Switch and Red Shell to get a 1-Up. Go through the pipe and press the switch. Red blocks do not provide any items, but make it insanely easy to access VANILLA SECRET 1, among other things such as allowing the possibility to enter the Special World.

Vanilla Dome/Vanilla Ghost House

Towards the very end of the level, after the part with the green orbs, there is a "P" block. Grab this and run all the way to the end of the level, skipping the normal door. You come to a door outline made of coins. Collect the two coins on the left side, and then use the "P" block. A hidden blue door will now appear there, which takes you to the end of the level.

Vanilla Dome/Vanilla Dome 3

Lots of Lava here.

Vanilla Dome/Vanilla Dome 4

Avoid the bullet bills that fly at you! BTW the ones facing upwards will not become Pidgit Bills when you complete the special world.

Vanilla Dome/Lemmy's Castle

Attack of Magi Koopa, Bowser's nanny! (Yoshi's Island) avoid him and then don't get squished by the moving greound later, at the boss, just hit the Orange koopa with weird actions and not the blue helmeted, hit 3 times and voilah! Castle 3 done

Vanilla Heights

Vanilla Heights is an unofficial name given to the set of secret levels accessed from Vanilla Dome. They are located directly above Vanilla Dome, and before the Butter Bridge.

Vanilla Heights/Vanilla Secret 1

After you have gone up the green vine when you get to the trampoline thing, you take it and go to the left to where the blue blocks are supposed to be and put it on it and go in the pipe.

Vanilla Heights/Vanilla Secret 2

This Level will be much easier together with Yoshi. It's pretty simple and there are no hard riddles in it, but you will have to either dodge or jump on the flying Koopas all the way through it.

However, this level is perfect to boost up your lives. Probably the easiest way to do this is this one:

1. Go to the Star Road and get the blue Yoshi from Star World 2.

2. Go back to Vanilla Secret 2 and enter the level.

3. Eat the one Koopa at the very beginning of the level and immediately start to fly above the level (Make sure to look out for the fishing Lakitu, fly above him, but fly low enough to see him at the bottom of the screen.

4. As soon, as the fishing Lakitu stops following you, you can descend with Yoshi and walk to the right, until you reach the pit with the 10 Spinies in it.

5. Above the Spinies are 4 yellow boxes. Hit the second to get a P-Switch.

6. Take the P-Switch and move back to the left of the level. You will reach two purple tubes after some time (Make sure, Yoshi doesn't swallow the P-Switch.

7. Jump on the P-Switch, once you're at the purple tubes and run to the left, collecting all silver coins.

Depending on how fast you are and how many coins you collect, you wil receive somewhat between 30- and 55-Ups.

Vanilla Heights/Vanilla Secret 3

If you have Yoshi or fireballs this level should be a breeze. Otherwise you will need to get through this partially water-logged level on the back of flying fish. About halfway through the level a large spiked fish appears and attempts to stay directly below you. Yoshi can land on it or a single fireball will knock it out. Then scurry on to the end.

Vanilla Heights/Vanilla Fortress

The Vanilla Fortress is a fortress in Super Mario World. It is the only underwater fortress in the game.

Cookie Mountain

Cookie Mountain (also called Twin Bridges) is the area above Vanilla Dome and the following levels leading up to Ludwig's Castle. It is anchored by the Butter and Cheese Bridge crossings.

Cookie Mountain/Cheese Bridge Area

One of the first levels with buzz saws. If you activate every one of the platforms it will make it much easier to recover if you take a fall.

The level is much easier if you have a cape and if you use the top platform.

Try flying underneath the real exit with a blue yoshi or a mario with cape you will find another exit which will lead to a secret underwater level called Soda Lake.

HINT: Use regular yoshi, drop below the normal exit and at the very last second jump off of him, he will fall but you will jump above a platform and find yourself behind the real exit.

Cookie Mountain/Soda Lake

You have just found what is probably the hardest level in the game. It is a hidden level that you must find through the end of the Cheese Bridge level. Watch out for Torpedo Ted; watch their movement and run. They are indestructible so just finish it and you are off to Star Road.

Cookie Mountain/Cookie Mountain

No secret passages here-but plenty of monty moles! Green and red blocks appear here too.

Cookie Mountain/Butter Bridge 1

To complete this level you will need to have a cape and yoshi. There are many opertunities to get extra lives by landing on multiple koopas.

Cookie Mountain/Butter Bridge 2

This level is very easy if you just want to complete it. First bash both flying koopas at the very start then take a running jump with a cape and just press left and right lots while in the air to cruise to the finish tape.

Cookie Mountain/Ludwig's Castle

bring a mushroom or a cape. wait for the spiny enemy to hide and jump on it. dodge the first giant mace, then their is the two spiny ones. These two are the first of four spinning maces. Stand to the left and wait for the first one to pass, then sprint. You can avoid the last one by ducking under the mace, the chain is harmless. A mushroom comes in handy though in the off-chance that you get hit anyways. Before you go through the first door, there's a mushroom. as soon as you get through the door, run. theres a spiked ceiling rushing down. find the off switch and it will rise up, dodge the thwomps, and theres another spiked ceiling. this is much faster than the other one so move fast. go through the second door and jump on the gates. hit the koopas on the grates. there should be a cape somewhere. its pretty obvious where it is. jump some more gates until you get to the final door. Ludwig is there and he's pretty easy. First dodge his fire balls and jump on him. He'll retreat into his shell and jump. Now this is the hard part for rookies. if youre short on time, or if you dont like to waste time, make sure you Ludwig doesnt go halfway offscreen. after he jumps repeat the process 3 times and he is defeated

Forest of Illusion

The Forest of Illusion is a confusing area of the game filled with odd paths and other diversions finally culminating with your escape then fight through Roy's Castle.

Forest of Illusion/Forest of Illusion 1

In this level you can get up to 99 lives by waiting for the box that has the changing items in it to hit a feather and then it should be the star by the time it appears. then run as fast as you can and hit all the guys and you get get multiple lives. Use this trick often.

Also there is a key underneath the platform. all you have to do to get it is get to the end of the platform and there is yellow box with a question mark on it hit it and catch it because its a ballon with a P on it. and go underneath the platform until you see the key and then pick it up and put it in the keyhole. and it passes the next couple of levels and takes you straight to the ghost house.

Forest of Illusion/Forest of Illusion 2

When you are at this level and have beaten it, you can go back and get to the blue switch. What you need to do is to go about half way, to the part where there are two spikey fish that just move up and down on their own. (?)Little are when you get to that part there will be lots of sleepin fish. You have to menouver around them and move almost all the way down until you see a yellow box with an exclmation point. The box may be guarded by a sleeping fish. You have to just keep going straight to the left of the screen until you see a key and key hole. This will open the blue switch!

Forest of Illusion/Blue Switch Palace

This one is a walk in the park, not to worry, only spiny's here with 2 p switches, silver one makes the Spiny's into silver coins and the other turns the coins into blocks (as you see in most levels) Get all the coins, and you get an extra life! The Big Blue Switch found here creates blue blocks which help get three 1-up Mushrooms in forest secret area, and they are helpful in entering Special World.

Forest of Illusion/Forest of Illusion 3

There are two ways to beat this level. One is to simply finish it the regular way which will make a path up to the ghost house. The second way which lets you move forward in the game, is by going down the last green tunnel (you need to be big) and getting the key.

Forest of Illusion/Forest Ghost House

At first it begins very compact as you wind your way through the corridor and then through the door at the end. After that there is a simple area which is guarded with flying ghosts. Now the temptation is to get the flying boxes and indeed if you do you can collect a feather or sunflower but BEWARE! the ghosts tend to swarm round you too fast and result in you getting hit. My advice is to leave them. Now the powerpack is resting on an easy to reach ledge but DO NOT jump on it yet... first continue going past the yellow door and into a small area with a line of coins above it. As long as you collect at least one coin then it means the level is completeable. NOW you can jump on the powerpack, turning all the coins into blocks, and travel through the silver door.

Now this is the easy bit, just continue along the corridor but when you see the first yellow door, don't enter it. If you do it will just lead you out of the ghost house without any freebies! Continue past it then open the next yellow door you will see. It is the same exit but it has a cute little moon resting on the floor. The moon will give you an extra three lives! Then cut the tape and you've finished. TA DA!

Forest of Illusion/Forest of Illusion 4

Enter this pipe to find the secret exit.

A Fishin' Lakitu appears at the beginning of this level. Avoid the tempation to snag his 1-up; doing so will make him rain spinies down on you.


[edit | edit source]

The secret exit in this level is found by entering the purple pipe as shown in the picture. The pipe is too high to be reached by ordinary jumping, so you will need to do one of five things:

  1. Be caped Mario and do a running jump, floating down with your cape
  2. Be with Yoshi, and use Yoshi to make a higher jump by jumping with Yoshi, then spin jumping off Yoshi's back.This can be difficult and You will lose your Yoshi.
  3. If you don't have a cape or Yoshi, do a spin jump and bounce off a spiny to increase your jump height. This is very difficult, and the spiny will need to be right next to the pipe in order for you to reach it by bouncing off the spiny.
  4. You can also ride Lakitu's cloud up to the pipe. This is also a little difficult.
  5. Ride on Blue Yoshi and have him eat a shell. You will be able to simply fly up to the pipe.
  6. Start running from the straitaway under the checkpoint, jump over the yellow tube, over the gap, onto the following legde. then jump from the next ledge onto the blue tube, to do this you must be maintaining a sprint the whole time

Hitting the P-Switch will make coins appear around the pipe.

Forest of Illusion/Forest Secret Area

A walk in the park level, just stay on the floating platforms and all is done, but at the end, if possible, jump over the finish line to get 3 or 4 additional lives.

Forest of Illusion/Forest Fortress

1. Jump up to the grey ledge

Beating this level will lead you to the Star Road. At the beginning of the level, dodge the falling pillars and the spiky wheels. Spin jump them if necessary; that will not hurt Mario. Having hit the colored switches will help you greatly in this level. You will fight the Reznors at the end of this level.


[edit | edit source]

Near the end of the level, when you see the first big red door, jump up to the grey ledge and proceed to the right. It is extremely tricky, but if you can demonstrate top-notch flying skills by flying over the long lava pit to the right, you'll earn nine 1-ups!

If you touch the jumping flames, you'll fall in the lava and lose a life. The key to getting over the pit without hitting the jumping flames is to keep Mario as close to the ceiling as possible. Press the back key as soon as Mario's head dips downward to boost him up again. An alternate method is to use a flying spin and then while spinning bounce from fireball to fireball. You might need to experiment a little to get the timing just right. It's tricky, but you'll be rewarded!

2. Keep Mario close to the ceiling as you fly over the pit. Eventually you will receive nine 1-ups

Forest of Illusion/Roy's Castle

There are some brown blocks at the start that move. You have to keep walking to stay on, and they make unexpected turns. At the end of the castle you will face Roy Koopa.

Chocolate Island

Chocolate Island

[edit | edit source]

Chocolate Island/Chocolate Island 1

In order to beat this stage, go into the last gray pipe that you see. This will shoot you across the gap that you can't simply jump over. If you attempt to jump this gap to the goalpost without a cape, you will surely die. So use the gray pipe, and then the trampoline to gain the highest possible score on the goalpoast.

Chocolate Island/Choco-Ghost House

On this level, beware of the moving gaps in the floor. Use the ghost blocks to get to the door in the second careful because they turn into ghosts if you turn away.

Chocolate Island/Chocolate Island 2

Getting the Key Near the start, a notification block informs you that the level changes based on the time remaining. In order to obtain the key (which will get you to Chocolate Secret), you need to complete the level in as little time as possible. (Timer must read at least 250 at the second pipe) First, jump on the chocolate platforms in front of Mario, and get over to the far right. There you will find a green pipe. Take the pipe, and if you get to an area with many red koopa paratroopa's, you are nearly done. If not, you will not get the key.

    • If you get all the coins in the level, then it will take you to a new place after you been the red koopas, and you will not get the key. Also, You must get past the red koopas before the timer reads 250. If you dont, you will NOT get the key either. Therfore, you will NOT get to Chocolate secret, which is between Chocolate 1 and Chocolate 2**

Once again, speed is a priority, so use the Koopas as your platform. If you have a cape feather and a Yoshi, this area should be a snap, since Mario can glide on top of each of his foes, which then extend his jump. If you lose Yoshi, however, don't be afraid; It's still possible to get the key.

Once you've completed this area, you should finally happen on a large number of Chucks that are throwing Baseballs toward Mario. If you do, then you will soon have the Key, which is located about 4 blocks away from the keyhole. Congratulations!

-- 22:12, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)Derek M.

alternate exit

[edit | edit source]

Complete move to the green tube at the end of the first screen (lower right) with less than 100 seconds of game play remaining to find the alternate exit.

Chocolate Island/Chocolate Island 3

This level has 2 exits, when you get to the end, there is a blank yellow box, the kind you can break. Hit this and a vine appears, climb up this vine for the normal exit. For the alternate exit you need a cape or a blue yoshi. Right after the yellow box with the vine is 3 arrow signs, fly in that direction and dont stop flying till you're gone past the goals.

Chocolate Island/Chocolate Fortress

This fortress may be the most difficult fortress so far along the game. The first part is fairly easy and takes mostly patience. The next part is the hard part containing many Thwomp. It will probably take many tries to defeat this. Bringing in a cape, and keeping one in reserve, may help. Later you fing a brown metal bolted door that leads to the reznor

Chocolate Island/Chocolate Island 4

Chocolate Island 4

Chocolate Island 4 is an undergroun maze inside a volcano with mega-moles, moving platforms and cocoa lava.

Chocolate Island/Chocolate Island 5

Beware the begining of this level. You have some spiky creatues and a power switch. You hit the switch and you will have to fend off the creatures. I advise that you ignore the switch if you dont need the practice.

There are three squaddies at the end of this level and one placed dangerously at the top of a pipe. Either aim to jump on or under him.

Chocolate Island/Wendy's Castle

You're now meeting with the first Castle (2nd Fortress or so)with what every Mario player hates: the spikes of doom. Avoid at all costs, and Wendy is harder, as there's 2 fire balls bouncing around. Do what you did last on Castle 3 --Vanilla Dome--

Valley of Bowser

The Valley of Bowser is filled with lava, and is the home of Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser.

Valley of Bowser/Sunken Ghost Ship

Flying and Flower powerups are useless! All you really need is to be 'big' Mario with a backup mushroom. This level is basically a ghost house, but underwater! This course will take quite a while to finish and never jump a head, you may die a few times but this will help you get used to the course!, them ghosts are bluddy annoying!


[edit | edit source]

Swim to the right, and hit the ? block that's above the Bullet Bill machine to get a powerup. Go up and right, then down after passing the crates, and enter the yellow pipe to the right to go down inside the ship. Inside, swim up and right while avoiding two passing ghosts. When you reach the crates, then ghosts will appear from nowhere. You will see them just before they appear and can hurt you, so then go into a position so that you don't touch them, and go onward right. After a while some ghosts will come from the right, so watch out for them, and carry on. When you see a normal Boo, then the ghosts that appear from nowhere will stop. Keep an eye on the two Boo's here, and enter the circle of Boo's when you can, and exit at the top. Enter the one to the right, then exit below so you can enter the pipe.

Now you will drop automatically and collect a Starman to make you invincible. Keep falling and collect some items on the way. Stay to the middle and you will land on a platform; renew your invincibility status here by hitting the block and collecting the starman. Keep falling onward to the bottom, where there is water and a island in the middle. Walk into the green circle with the ? on to complete the level, and to unlock the opening to the Valley of Bowser.

Valley of Bowser/Valley of Bowser 1

The Monty Mole hole, the first Bowser level that requires to not get in front of Monty Moles, EAT them if you have Yoshi, but don't run and eat at once, it will damage you. No Secret Paths.

Valley of Bowser/Valley of Bowser 2

Secret Exit - Pass through the Midway Gate, come out the first pipe, make your way through the rising and falling ceiling maze part, and go through that pipe. Now, you have to be Caped Mario at the part where you see your first Mega Mole. Kill him with your cape, build up enough speed and fly up and to the left onto the top of the ceiling. Continue to the left until you drop down to the Key.

Also, just before the falling ceiling maze, there's two Q-Blocks. The first (and visible) ?-block releases some Yoshi-wings for a secret bonus area, if you have Yoshi with you. Which is cool, as Mario riding Yoshi is too big to survive the ceiling maze. The other block is hidden off-view in the upper-left above the pipe you just came in through, and always has a feather (it's probably a green block).

Valley of Bowser/Valley Fortress

Arguably the most difficult level in the game outside of the Special World. This fortress is full of spikes. The key to getting through the level is patience. There are 3 sets of spikes. Each set has several safe areas to wait in while the spikes move. Each set is progressively faster.

For the first set, run to the bottom of the 'valley.' If you've hit the green switch palace, grab the feather down here. When the spikes start to rise, follow them up and run through the spiky tube. If you cape-spin while running, you don't need to wait for the rusty spikes to fall, and can take out the baddies.

The second set consists of 3 groups of pillars (1, 1, and 3 pillars wide). To make it, start jumping as they start to rise. Wait in between groups. After completing this, feel free to grab the mushroom available in the yellow switch block.

The final set is the most difficult and consists of several clusters of spikes. Waiting in between each pair of spikes tends to help the timing for the jumps. Start running when you think the spike is about to go up and you should make it.

At the end is a Reznos. Beat him and you'll have the second shortest path to Bowser!

Valley of Bowser/Valley Ghost House

This is the most complex of all Ghost Houses within the game, with a key that will lead to Larry Koopa's Castle. If you want to get a better score, however, do this with out the key.

This house has three rooms:

Room 1 has a supermushroom/fireflower block, ghostly-green death orbs, and a door to Room 2.

Room 2 has a P-block that'll make a star drop and some platforms appear, ghosts everywhere, a door on the far-left that'll take you to Room 1, and a hallway on the far-right with five doors. For the special key, you'll need Door 5, which means you gotta be fast (cape helps). The Hallway -

 Door 1 goes to room 3, Right-Side
 Door 2 goes to room 1
 Door 3 goes to the default exit
 Door 4 goes to the default exit
 Door 5 goes to room 3, Left-Side

Room 3 is divided in the middle by a barrier which can only be traversed from the left side (Door 5). The left side has a P-block and a dragon coin. Don't hit the P-block just yet; take it with you to the right side of the room pass the barrier (Unless you really need that last dragon coin, of coarse). On the room's right side is a remote-control coin block, which you'll use with the P-Block to make stairs to the key in the upper-right corner. You'll need to be small to fit.

Valley of Bowser/Valley of Bowser 3

Flying best for this level, Blue Yoshi is extremely helpful, thus flying in this level makes you take 45% time less time you do with others, because you would more likely stay mid-air the whole time (your in the air, very little ground)

Valley of Bowser/Valley of Bowser 4

To get to secret exit, get Yoshi in the beginning. Keep him till you see the key near the end. Use him to grab and hold the key in his mouth, then walk into the keyhole.--This leads to Star Road, the real exit is not to far, just 2 jumps and you're done.

Valley of Bowser/Larry's Castle

Larry's castle is the most difficult out of all the castles.

Must handle with care!!!

Valley of Bowser/Back Door

Your reward for making your way through the Valley Fortress? A MUCH easier pathway to get to Bowser. It's dark at first, but hit the question mark block to turn on the light above you. Right before the door to Bowser is a checkpoint. Go through the doors, where you will find Bowser in a flying contraption. Be careful of the propeller! He'll swoop back and forth across the screen; just stand in a corner to avoid him. Once he stops, he'll throw 2 Mecha Koopas over the side of his flying machine. Jump onto one of the Mecha Koopas, then throw it up so that it hits Bowser from up above. Do this again, and Bowser will fly off. Avoid the flames that drop from the sky. Peach will appear and throw you a mushroom right before Bowser reappears. Your second bout with him will be slightly more difficult, as he drops gigantic black marbles that will flatten you if you don't jump. Toss Mecha Koopas at him again, and after hitting him twice, dodge the flames as you wait for a second mushroom from Peach. When Bowser reappears, he's MAD. This time, he'll try to land his propeller on you. If you can dodge him long enough, he'll throw 2 more Mecha Koopas down. Throw them back up at him. After hitting him twice more, he'll go flying off out of control into the darkness, and Peach will appear. Congratulations! You've beaten Bowser!

Valley of Bowser/Front Door

Here's what you've been waiting for, Bowser, well his castle, you'll have to make way to the Back side (going through door 1-4 and after what ever number there's 5-8) and all is explained like at the Section I posted, the Back Door, but below is how you defeat Bowser.

All you do is throw his MechaKoopas at him when you jump on the MechaKoopas (dont spin jump or you'll have to wait for Bowser to throw new ones = \ ), wait till Bowser dissappears for 30 seconds while dodging his little fires and Toadstool will appear and hand you a mushroom (if you lost both or 1 power up)and Second round will happen, first Bowser will pull out 2 Giant Marbles and you jump over untill he throws his lackeys, do what you did last time on First round, now again, wait till he dissappears when he gets hit and dodge the flames....But wait until 3rd round, he will CHASE YOU by pouncing on the ground, this time he's furious, he will pounce on you and you have to shoot his lackeys. Of course, then when you do that, congratulations! You finally beat the game!

Star Road

In Super Mario World, the Star Road is a shortcut world, allowing the player to reach different places on the world map quickly. With exception of Star World 5, the player must find the secret goal in order to access the next Star World level.

Star World 5 still has a secret exit, which leads to Special.

Star Road/Star World 1

By spin jumping along the right edge of the level you will be able to reach the key easily.

Baby Red Yoshi

[edit | edit source]

A Baby Red Yoshi is found in the bottom portion of the level, but it's hard to get, and will need a bit too much food. If a Red Yoshi is desired, it may be easier to instead find it on really think you should use Star World 4.

Star Road/Star World 2

Level Completion

[edit | edit source]

The two ways to complete this level are:

  1. Swim all the way through the level, avoiding any fish hitting you. Enter the green tube at the very end, done! Easy as that!
  2. Same procedure as in 1. Instead of entering the green tube though, swim along the path underneath it (this is way easier if you've got a Yoshi, who can first eat up all of the fishes, so you're not getting stressed out by those chasing you). At the end of the path, you will find the key and the lock!

In order to proceed on the Star Road, you will need to choose the second way through the level.

1 Up farming

[edit | edit source]

A good way to clock up a few lives here is to forget about the Yoshi and get the star. Make your way quickly to the next box, where if you still have star you will receive another star. Beat all the fish from here on. This can earn you lot of 1 ups.

Star Road/Star World 3

Probably one of the most simple, but still tricky levels. Your main goal from the very beginning on should be either to run over to the right, exiting the Level without getting hit by any Spinies or to throw the Lakitu off of his cloud and take this all the way up to the top of the level, where the key will be hidden.

Note that in both cases, you can feed the yellow Yoshi until he reaches his full size with either the Spinies or the blue boxes (But make sure only to take the first row of those)

Of course flying with the Lakitu's cloud up to the top will let you proceed on the Star Road, whilst the other solution won't!

Length-wise, it is by far the shortest level in the game.

Star Road/Star World 4

This level isn't too hard. It's mostly some very simple Jump'n'Run action. jump over the platforms, you can take the red Yoshi baby at the very beginning with you and feed it throughout the level. You can make it to the end with or without Yoshi. As soon as you come to the orange tube, you can either pick up the red Koopa shell and throw it at the green one the Koopa on the other side of the tube will kick in there, in order to proceed throug the level, or you can take it and jump on the colored boxes right below the grey ones. Note that you will have to have the colored switches activated. Once youre down there, throw the Koopa shell at the one box sticking out of the ground, which will give you the key.

Star Road/Star World 5

This level is by far the most confusing level of Star Road, you will probably need a Blue Yoshi for this level as flying will help greatly. It would also help if the blue switch has not yet been activated. 1. Swallow a green shell and fly all the way to the top before heading right. When Yoshi is close to eating the shell he will begin to make gulping noises, so prepare to lose the ability to fly. 2. After Yoshi eats the shell, hold the B and Y buttons to drift down slowly until you see more Koopas. Swallow another shell and continue right. 3. Eventually you will reach some ground with several tubes, before encountering a Red Koopa. Swallow it and head up until you see empty blue squares, go up and go right to the Special Road entrance.

If you do not have a Blue Yoshi, you will have to fly using a cape, but it is considerably more difficult.

To continue the star road reach the normal exit by flying right.


If you found the secret exit in Star World 5, you can access the secret world Special. Be careful though, the levels in Special are far from easy.

Once Special is completed, the colors of the world map, as well as some enemies, will be different. The upper Star Road will lead you back to Yoshi's House.

Special's levels:

Note: When completed, this page will contain info on the creatures in and the difficuty of the world.


Gnarly is the first level in the Special World.


[edit | edit source]

The level is generally a level in which you must climb vines and jump well to continue. It is one of the easier levels of the Special World.

This is a very fun level. You can even beat it if you have Yoshi. Start with Yoshi, go all the way to the right and eat the blue-shelled Koopa on the left. Then fly up all the way to the left to earn one (1) extra life.

When you get to the top of the level, fall to the far left side, a 1-up mushroom will appear from the musical note blocks.


Level type Elevated
Entrance Gnarly
Exit Way Cool
Secret Exit None
Time at start 300
Difficulty Ridiculous

This is the most frustrating level in the game and impossible if you don't know what to do. The main means of completion is through the use of balloons. However, it is possible to complete the level by using a blue Yoshi and swallowing a Koopa shell, but a sufficient amount of blue Koopa shells do not exist to beat the level with a regular Yoshi.


[edit | edit source]

Jump onto and past the Chuck ahead. Go past the next pipe, but watch out for the piranha, and run and jump into the Dragon Coin and over the Chuck. Go over the yellow pipes and activate the P-Switch. There are two ways to collect the P-Balloon. One: quickly drop down and left onto the springboard, and hit the [?] block and collect the P-Balloon that comes from it. Two: Jump to the right side of the [?] block and do a spin jump while on you're in the air, the P-Balloon will come out of that side and you will collect it inmeadiately, which will allow you to avoid enemies. Float and get the Dragon Coin that's under the block, and go up and collect the Dragon Coin above the Chuck on the block. Hit the ? block just to the right and renew your inflatingness with the P-Balloon. Head through the flying Koopas and collect the Dragon Coin that are between the volcano flowers when the coast is clear. Go onward, past the yellow pipe and under the Chuck so you can get another P-Balloon. Now watch out for footballs from the above Chuck when getting it, because unless you are prepared, one WILL hit you. I recommend that you wait until one has been throw and gone, then hit the block and get the P-Balloon. Hit the block that the Chuck above is resting on (for safety sake, and for revenge) and go under the next to volcano flowers, and onto the exit. Save.

Special/Way Cool

Way Cool is the third level in Special. It consists of many mechanical lifts and switches. You can use the Yoshi Wings with Groovy's Yoshi Block for a quick blue yoshi for the Funky Music Code.


This course moves away from the norm we are used to seeing in this game. The koppa troppas have command over this level and can easily kill you if you don't have split second timing. This is the only part of the game where you're gonna see ice blocks, light blue pipes and fancy little platforms. Watch out for the flying fishes we seen in Super Mario Brothers back in the 80s

Several unshelled Koopa Troopas await with a shell atop U-shaped chasms. If you run to the right side of the chasm and wait, the shell the Koopa throws won't return. When you arrive at a pit with P-Switch on a corner, don't activate the switch. Carry it with you until you see a coin plataform and a [?] block. The block contains a star, which will help a lot during the next stage.


You've seen this course before, it is basically the Super Mario World demo video played just before you head into the file menu screen. This course is quite simple to play. Also good for Blue Yoshis when combined with Way Cool's Yoshi Wings. There is a changing block here.


Bring Yoshi and a fire power up with the cape power up as a backup, you'll need all the help you can get with this level, not the hardest course in the game, but one of the most annoying.


Its name also describes the difficulty. It is arguably the most difficult level in the game! Have good timing skills, bring Yoshi, have a cape! This is the first (and last?) time you're going to meet walking fire in this game! Have fun!

In order to pass this level you have to feed Yoshi the second spring that's among the bullet bill cannons. To pass the cannon that is right next to the spring board you have to jump on a bullet bill at the right time. Be hasty while clearing the rest of the cannons, otherwise Yoshi will swallow the spring.

Probably the easiest (and least satisfying) way of passing this level is to fly over all the action - just make sure to clear a column of blocks about halfway through


Funky is the last level in Special. Once you clear it, the entire game will look very different. Koopa will appear as a human figure and Bullet Bill will appear as a black bird in every level. You can save your progess after clearing this level. While this level isn't that hard, you only get 200 seconds to finish it! It really is a long course! Bring Yoshi along for the ride and get a cape, you'll need it! With Yoshi, eat the green berrys to add more time to this simple yet annoying course. Once you beat there's a message from the games designers! A cool trick: Get close to the first green fruit with Yoshi. When the timer hits 99 eat the fruit, then rush to the next fruit and wait on the timer again. The music will go faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and you get the point. Play that funky music!