Super Mario World/Forest of Illusion/Forest of Illusion 4

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Enter this pipe to find the secret exit.

A Fishin' Lakitu appears at the beginning of this level. Avoid the tempation to snag his 1-up; doing so will make him rain spinies down on you.


[edit | edit source]

The secret exit in this level is found by entering the purple pipe as shown in the picture. The pipe is too high to be reached by ordinary jumping, so you will need to do one of five things:

  1. Be caped Mario and do a running jump, floating down with your cape
  2. Be with Yoshi, and use Yoshi to make a higher jump by jumping with Yoshi, then spin jumping off Yoshi's back.This can be difficult and You will lose your Yoshi.
  3. If you don't have a cape or Yoshi, do a spin jump and bounce off a spiny to increase your jump height. This is very difficult, and the spiny will need to be right next to the pipe in order for you to reach it by bouncing off the spiny.
  4. You can also ride Lakitu's cloud up to the pipe. This is also a little difficult.
  5. Ride on Blue Yoshi and have him eat a shell. You will be able to simply fly up to the pipe.
  6. Start running from the straitaway under the checkpoint, jump over the yellow tube, over the gap, onto the following legde. then jump from the next ledge onto the blue tube, to do this you must be maintaining a sprint the whole time

Hitting the P-Switch will make coins appear around the pipe.