Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island/Yellow Switch Palace

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Yellow Switch Palace
Level type Switch Palace
Entrance Yoshi's Island 1
Exit Dead end
Secret Exit None
Time at start 200
Difficulty Very easy

The Yellow Switch Palace is the first of the four switch palaces in Super Mario World, located on Kappa Mountain.

Access[edit | edit source]

Level solution[edit | edit source]

The Yellow Switch Palace is a very easy level with a 200-second time limit. It consists of two rooms connected by a single green pipe. The first room contains a P-Switch and a long ledge of concrete blocks. Stomping the P-Switch will cause coins to materialize temporarily everywhere in the room. Collect as many as possible to gain extra lives. You can also use the "P-Switch recycle" trick to gain additional lives. Finally, enter the green pipe on the right end of the room.

You will now enter a long corridor that terminates in a room with a large, yellow switch marked with an exclamation point. Jump on this switch to receive a message that all yellow block outlines have been filled in. After this point, you will see yellow exclamation blocks being distributed across Dinosaur Island. You can then choose whether to save your progress. Hit these blocks and you get a Mushroom. They help in early levels, and are needed to enter the Special World.