Super Mario World/Donut Plains/Donut Secret 1

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Donut Secret 1
Level type Underwater
Entrance Donut Plains 1
Exit Donut Ghost House
Secret Exit Donut Secret House
Time at start 300
Difficulty Easy

Donut Secret 1 is the first underwater stage in Super Mario World. It can be accessed using the secret exit in Donut Plains 1.

It is full of all the three kinds of fishes: Blurp, Rip Van Fish and Cheep Cheep. It's highly helpful to enter this level with Fire Mario. If not, a Fire Flower can be found not far from the start. The first purple pipe leads to a bonus level, which can be navigated with P-Balloons. After taking the first balloon head left, a second balloon is inside a ? block. Then head for the middle and a yellow block will have a 1-up mushroom. Then to the right collect a Dragon Coin and fall to collect another Fire Flower. To take the secret exit grab the P-Switch and swim with it until you see the key hole. Press the switch and inside the ? block is the key.