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Koopas are Bowser's evil minions, located almost everywhere in Dinosaur Land. Their shell colors can be green, red, blue, or yellow. Each color shell has a different effect on Yoshi when he eats one. Koopas can either be ground forces or have wings. Green Koopas move only in a straight line (unless they hit something; in that case, they turn around), while other colored Koopas patrol certain areas.

Resistance to attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Normal Jump: A normal jump forces a Koopa out of its shell, making the Koopa vulnerable to a normal jump and the shell available to pick up and use with B.
  • Spin Jump: A spin jump kills a Koopa in one hit.
  • Jump with Yoshi: With Yoshi, a normal jump kills Koopas in one hit.
  • Fireballs: When hit with a fireball, Koopas turn into coins.
  • Cape Spin: Spinning with (B) or (R) with a cape will cause a Koopa to withdraw into its shell and its shell will turn upside down. It can then be used with B.
  • Yoshi's Tongue: Koopas can be picked up with Yoshi, each color giving him a different power. With a green Yoshi, each shell will do the following:
    • Green: Yoshi will spit out only the shell.
    • Red: Yoshi will spit out fireballs.
    • Blue: Yoshi will have wings for a limited amount of time.
    • Yellow: Yoshi will be able to stomp the ground, defeating nearby enemies.
  • Yoshi's Fireballs: Koopas turn into coins if you shoot fireballs at them (with Red Yoshi and/or a red shell).

Locations[edit | edit source]

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