Super Mario World/Yoshi's Island/Yoshi's Island 2

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Yoshi's Island 2
Level type Above-ground
Entrance Yoshi's House
Exit Yoshi's Island 3
Secret Exit None
Time at start 400
Difficulty Very easy

Yoshi's Island 2 is the second level on Yoshi's Island.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Normal Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Normal Strategy is when you go through the level rather slowly, doing everything on the way. This may exclude such things as getting coins or stomping on enemies not in the way and you never fly over the entire level or even just parts of it.

Start at the beginning[edit | edit source]

Run past two ledges until you reach two item boxes. A Yoshi is in the second of the two; hit it to release him. Keep running and stomp on a Koopa under a set of coins.DC#1 Stomp on another Koopa under another Dragon Coin as you keep running.DC#2 Run up the set of stairs and avoid a Chargin' Chuck at the top of the stairs, where another Dragon Coin is just a jump away.DC#3

Start at the midway gate[edit | edit source]

After you pass the midway point, jump over two pipes until you reach three item boxes. If you have lost your Yoshi, hit the center box to get another one; if you still have a Yoshi, hit it to get an extra life. After you pass the item boxes, you will see two small ledges and one big one in the middle. Jump up on the second small ledge and you will see two yellow boxes. Hit the second box to cause a beanstalk to sprout. Abandon your Yoshi if you have one and climb up the stalk to reach a line of clouds, where another Dragon Coin is located.DC#4 Jump down, retrieve your Yoshi, and drop to ground level. Keep running straight on the ground until you reach a ledge and you cannot go straight anymore. Jump on the ledge, then jump up another one on top of it. Avoid the Monty Mole that pops up out of the cliff, and jump up while you are on the top level to get another Dragon Coin.DC#5 If you have pressed the yellow switch at the Yellow Switch Palace already, hit the yellow box if you have nothing in reserve to get a mushroom.

Avoid the following gap (if the yellow boxes are not visible), and continue on straight. Avoid another Monty Mole, and jump over a pipe. Avoid another mole, and jump over another pipe. After that, you will reach two pipes, a silver and green one. Either attack the Jumpin' Piranha Plant with fireballs or a cape, or just avoid it. After the plant, you will see the "P" item that changes coins into blocks in the center of a grid of boxes. Line up directly under it and hit the bottom center block with your head to cause it to drop. Step on the "P" block to make all the coins turn into blocks. You will see a row of coins that have been turned into blocks. Avoid the Chargin' Chuck by jumping on the blocks, and jump off the end of them to reach the finish line!

Dragon Coin Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Coin Strategy is when you get all the dragon coins (simple enough). You beat everything normally, but your primary goal is to get the dragon coins.

To do this, follow the above walkthrough and at each of the links, get the dragon coin.

Dragon Coin #1[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #1 is after the blue speakerbox and with a few other regular coins. Simply jump up to get it.

Dragon Coin #2[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #2 is a short distance from coin #1. Again, jump up to retrieve it.

Dragon Coin #3[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #3 is after the set of stairs with the first Chargin' Chuck with a few other coins. Jump off the ledge to get it.

Dragon Coin #4[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #4 is after the midway point, where there are two small ledges on each side of a big ledge. Find the two boxes on the right ledge and hit the second box. Climb up the beanstalk that sprouts to reach a line of clouds and the fourth Dragon Coin.

Dragon Coin #5[edit | edit source]

Dragon Coin #5 is on top of the ledge following the ones used to get coin #4. Jump up onto the top of the ledge and jump again to get it.

Quick Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Quick Strategy focuses on speed. Coins, points, lives, or anything else are of no importance. Ideally, you'll pass the entire level in 40 game seconds (360 left)

Lives Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Lives Strategy focuses on getting lives, and at the same time, stays as safe as possible. The rule of thumb is: if you can get a life, even if it leaves you in greater danger than before, it is worth it; if you die, you don't lose any lives and if you survive, you gain a life. The lives strategy also goes for mushrooms, fire flowers, and cape feathers as well, because they save lives.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

The first small blue pipe in the level can be entered, and inside, there are four blue blocks that can be picked up by holding B and tossed up into flying item boxes by pressing up and letting go of B, which can give extra lives or coins.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the enemies that appear on Yoshi's Island 2, in order that they first appear:

Items[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the items you can get on Yoshi's Island 2, in order that they appear first:

  • 1 Mushroom (if yellow switch was pressed)
  • 1 Yoshi egg
  • 1 Yoshi egg
  • 1 Mushroom (if yellow switch was pressed)
  • 1 "P" block