RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual/Unit 5 - Populating Your Own RCA Database/Step 3/Importing of Capacity Quantities from a source file

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Step 3: Build an RCA Model - Importing of Capacity Quantities from a source

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Figure 38 - Importing Capacity Quantities example

For importing, the capacity quantities for each resource pool and business process please refer to Figure 38 below. Recall that the capacity number serves as the fixed cost rate denominator in the rate calculation. In unit 4 – Maintain Capacity, we discussed the difference between capacity and resource pool output or demand. This import process is where you define capacities for both resource pools and business processes.

As previously mentioned, with resource pools, the capacity is equal or higher than output; but, for business processes, the capacity must be the same as output.

The columns from the left to right are Resource Pool or Business Process number, year and month, the Palo element name (i.e., RP Capacity qty should appear in every line) with the last column reflecting the theoretical capacity quantity of the cost object. Import the capacity information as shown here in Figure 38.