RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual/Demonstration of the Base Model/Step 2/Maintain Resource Pools

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Step 2: Play with the RCA Model - Maintain Resource Pools & Business Processes

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Figure 26 - Maintain Resource Pools and Business Processes template

This template is used to create, update, and delete Resource Pools and Business Processes in the model.

The functionality of the Load, Update, Create, and Delete icons across the ROSA menu bar are explained as follows:

  • To Load a Resource Pool / Business Process

The Load icon is a button that allows for manual loading of data or a refresh of the template.

  • To Update an existing Resource Pool / Business Process

Select a Resource Pool or Business Process, make sure it has loaded properly by referencing the green status line for confirmation at the bottom of the screen and then make your changes to the Parent Res Pool, Description, Type or Unit of Measure as needed. Tab out of the last field you edited and click on “Update”.

  • To Create a Resource Pool / Business Process

Go to the field marked “…or New” (located beneath the Res.Pool or Bus.Proc. field), enter the new object’s number that you as the user assigned to it. When selecting a number for a new cost object, the position of the cost object and the group it belongs to in the hierarchy must be considered. A particular numbering convention must be followed where each character in the number has some meaning i.e. identifies group or subgroup etc. On the same screen, move down to select a parent under Parent Res.Pool, followed by the entering data into Description, Type and Unit of Measure in all the fields as shown in Figure 26.

You will always need to create a Resource Pool or Business Process hierarchically, unless you are creating a brand new model, the highest level or company node will already exist. In this model, the highest level is called “All Receivers”. On the next level, the groups “Resource Pools” and “Business Processes” are found. Subgroups 6000, 7000 and 8000 are below the “Resource Pool” group and the subgroup 10000 is below the “Business Process” group. The new cost object must be inserted below one of these subgroups that will be the parent object of the newly created cost object.

Tab out of the bottom field and click on “Create”.

  • To Delete a Resource Pool / Business Process

Select the applicable Resource Pool / Business Process in the ”Res.Pool or Bus.Proc.” field. Observe the green status line at the bottom of the screen to ensure the cost object has been loaded and then click on “Delete”.

Tip: For each process completed, a green status line will appear towards the bottom of the screen to confirm your entry. For example– Resource Pool “All Receivers” has been successfully loaded.