RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual/Demonstration of the Base Model/Step 2/Maintain Primary Cost

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Step 2: Play with the RCA Model - Maintain Primary Cost

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Figure 28 - Maintain Primary Costs template

This template is used to update, add, or delete for the purposes of maintaining primary costs. This maintenance function is for minor changes only and if any changes are made here, a recalculation of rates will be required.

Primary costs, as indicated earlier are costs for resources that are procured externally and are required by the resource pool under review to produce its output. The report displays primary cost in Dollars per resource pool or business process, by its fixed or proportional split, by the cost (GL) element and by month for the particular year selected by the user.

The three selections located across the top that you have to select are Res.Pool or Bus.Process, Year, and Value. The Value field allows you to select between fixed and proportional cost. Changes you make on this screen will update the Palo database automatically.

Again, for each process completed, observe the green status line for confirmation of your entry. For example – Primary costs for selected Resource Pool has been successfully loaded.

This table also provides totals for the rows (i.e., cost elements) and columns (i.e., months) – values cannot be edited in these totals fields. You may enter values directly into the value cells to change the figure. The result of your changes can also be viewed by using Analyze Resource Pools and Business Processes report (see Figure 23).