RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual/Demonstration of the Base Model/Step 2/Maintain Consumptions

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Step 2: Play with the RCA Model - Maintain Secondary Costs (Internal Consumptions)

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Figure 29 - Maintain Consumptions template

This template allows for the entering and updating of secondary internal consumption quantities.

There are two reasons for wanting to update internal consumption quantities:

  • 1) quantities may need to be updated as process improvements are realized or anticipated, and
  • 2) changing the quantity consumption field provides an analytical “what-if” scenario. This functionality allows the user to examine the impact that the change would have on their firm’s production volumes. This is also, where the adjustment of a resource pool’s or business process' planned output takes place.

The Maintain Consumption template has a top section labeled with an Input heading and a section with an Output heading located on the left of the report.

If you are changing the Inputs of a particular resource pool or business process (meaning the inputs that it consumes), then changes need to be made using the top section of this table. The resource pools listed under the Input side represent the providing resource pools (i.e., that are consumed by the resource pool or business process that you selected in the drop down list).

If you want to change how a resource pool’s Output is being consumed, then use the bottom half of the table. In this case, the resource pools on the left-hand side are the consuming resource pools.

The ROSA model views the provision of an Output by a providing resource pool and the consumption of that Output by the consumer as one consumption relationship; therefore, quantity updates may be made on either the top section (Input of the consuming cost object) or the bottom section (Output of the provider), but not both. Changing the consumption quantity in both places will result in your last change overwriting all previous changes for a particular relationship.

Input or Output changes to data should be made in the Value field as “Fixed Quantity” or “Proportional Quantity” and not “Total Quantity”. “Total Quantity” is for display purposes only.

View the results of your Input / Output changes in - Analyze Resource Pools and Business Process report shown in Figure 23.

Note: If changes are made in the - Maintain Consumptions template, a recalculation of rates will be required.