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Relationships in the RCA Model

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Secondary costs are planned in quantities and in the unit of measure of the provider resource pool or business process. Secondary input quantities are also planned in fixed and/or proportional components. Secondary planned inputs in Figure 5 shows all the consumption values for Resource Pool 6101: Utilities with a consumption quantity from two secondary sources. These are Resource Pool 6401: Maintenance with 49.18 Labor hours proportional) and Resource Pool 6102: Floor Area with a quantity value of 166.67 Square feet fixed consumption.

Figure 6 - Relationship between Cost Objects

In the ROSA application, all the secondary consumptions relationships are initially valued in ‘quantities’ as illustrated in Figure 6. Once the internal rates are calculated, the secondary quantities will be valued in dollars so that total cost on each cost object is obtained. The connecting lines on Figure 6 below represent the relationships/consumption flows between cost objects.

These consumption relationships are captured in the system in a Provider-Consumer manner to accurately trace consumption. Once the quantities have been valued, the costs are reflected as secondary costs on the consumer and as recovery on the supplier.