RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual/RCA Modeling/A Completed Cost Model Storyboard

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Storyboard of the Get Well Manufacturing Model

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In the model provided with ROSA, a fictious health care company called Get Well Manufacturing has been included to help the user view all of the cost objects and their associated relationships more easily.

There are four modeled areas represented by a green area representing the Support Resource Pools, a blue area that represents the three Distribution Resource Pools, a red area that covers the four Production Resource Pools, and finally the four Product Cost Objects in the yellow area of the storyboard.

Figure 7 - Storyboard for Get Well Manufacturing

Tip: Refer to the Get Well Storyboard pdf in Visio that is included in the download for a higher resolution with zoom-in capabilities.

Figure 8 - Storyboard, Support Costs

The green area (refer Figure 8) represents the Support Costs and their reciprocal relationships. This support area includes Resource Pool 6101 Utilities (Electricity-Kilowatt Hrs); Resource Pool 6102-Facilities (Floor Area-Sq. Footage); Resource Pool 6201-System Support (Infrastructure-Hours); and Resource Pool 6401- Maintenance (Maintenance-Labor Hours). In addition, there are two Business Processes: under System Support is Business Process 10020-Procure Raw Materials, and under Maintenance is Business Process 10010-Service Machine.

Figure 9 - Storyboard, Distribution Costs

The blue area (refer Figure 9) represents Distribution Costs with Resource Pool 6301-Distribution (Ton-miles); Resource Pool 9001 Packaging (Labor Hrs); and Resource Pool 9002 Packaging (Machine Hrs).

Figure 10 - Storyboard, Production Costs

The red area (refer Figure 10) represents the Production Costs with Resource Pool 7001-Production 1 (Labor Hrs); Resource Pool 7002-Production 1 (Machine Hrs); Resource Pool 8001-Production 2 (Labor Hrs); and Resource Pool 8002-Production 2 (Machine Hrs).

Figure 11 - Storyboard, Product Cost Objects

The yellow area (refer Figure 11) represents the Product Cost Objects titled Products 1 through 4 including: 1) No-Pane, 2) Relief, 3) Burn-Away and 4) Better Beat for the ROSA Base model demonstration.