RCA Open Source Application: ROSA Manual/Unit 5 - Populating Your Own RCA Database/Step 3/Final Step

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Step 3: Build an RCA Model - Final Step

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Upon the completion of all of the imports discussed above, the user must go back to the Calculation Rates screen to activate the new rate information by pressing the” Calculate” button. A new rate screen will then be calculated automatically with new rates posted into the Palo rate cube.

Please be aware the information in unit 4 will still apply for the Maintenance and Analyzing functions when working with your own RCA model. View your results of your planning by using the standard three reports or create a new Paste View. Make any necessary changes as you deem necessary and be sure to re-calculation the rates to view these changes.

Congratulations! With the completion of the final step described above, you have just finished the task of building an RCA Model importing your own planned data and cost rates.