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00%.svg Lessons
00%.svg Level One
00%.svg 1.01 This and that
00%.svg 1.02 Introduction
00%.svg 1.03 Rainbow
00%.svg 1.04 Family
00%.svg 1.05 School
00%.svg 1.06 The House
00%.svg 1.07 Weather
00%.svg 1.08 Travel
00%.svg 1.09 Art
00%.svg 1.10 Science
00%.svg TestPlanning
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Bacaan (Reading Comprehension)[edit | edit source]

Kosa kata (Vocabulary)[edit | edit source]

Level One Lessons 50%.svg

1.01 This and That 100 percent.svg1.02 Introduction 100 percent.svg1.03 Rainbow 00%.svg1.04 Family 100 percent.svg1.05 School 00%.svg1.06 The House 00%.svg1.07 Weather 00%.svg1.08 Travel 50%.svg1.09 Art 00%.svg1.10 Science 00%.svgTest 00%.svg

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