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Happy birthday[edit | edit source]

Bahasa Indonesia English
Selamat Congratulation
Hari Ulang Tahun Birthday
Selamat ulang tahun Happy Birthday
Buat sebuah permohonan Make a wish
Kejutan!!! Surprise!!!

To say happy birthday to your friends, family or someone in Bahasa Indonesia, you can say selamat ulang tahun. Selamat means Congratulations and Ulang tahun means Birthday, so the literal meaning in English is Congratulation for your Birthday.

How old are you?[edit | edit source]

Do you remember numerals in Bahasa Indonesia, if you don't, you can check your lesson, because we wil use it. So how can you ask How old are you in Bahasa? Look at the sentences below:

  1. Berapa usia Anda? (formal, polite)
  2. Berapa usia kamu? (informal, standard)

Please be careful to whom you are talking: if you are talking with someone older than yourself, you should use the polite form; never use the informal form to people older than you. You can use the informal form to your friends or people younger than you.

Bahasa Indonesia English
Berapa usia kamu? How old are you? (informal)
Berapa usia Anda? How old are you? (formal)
Saya 27 tahun I'm 27 years old
Saya berumur 20 tahun I'm 20 years old
Umur saya 17 tahun My age is 17 years old
Kamu berumur berapa? How old are you? (informal)

Note: Indonesia has 2 way to say age there are Usia and Umur. There is no rule for that, you can use one of them, because if you use umur or usia, Indonesian will understand what you mean.

My age is .....[edit | edit source]

If you don't remember numerals in Indonesia, look at the table below:

Bahasa Indonesia English
satu 1
dua 2
tiga 3
empat 4
lima 5
enam 6
tujuh 7
delapan 8
sembilan 9
sepuluh 10
sebelas 11
duabelas 12
tigabelas 13
limabelas 15
duapuluh 20
duapuluhsatu 21
tigapuluh 30
empatpuluh 40
limapuluh 50
sembilanpuluh 90

formal form :

           ==> subject + prefix ber- + umur + (age) + tahun <==
          ex: saya berumur 20 tahun (i'am 2 years old), or
           ==> umur + subject + to be (adalah) + (age) + tahun <==
          ex: umur saya adalah 20 tahun (my age is 20 years old)

informal form:

           ==> usia/umur + subject + (age) + tahun <==
          ex: umur saya 20 tahun (i'am 20 years old), or

you can use the simple way:

          ==> subject + (age) + tahun <==
         ex: saya 20 tahun (i'am 20 years old)