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This Wikibook begins with an introduction to the language and a series of lessons.

You may also wish to browse further down this contents page for other useful pages, including Kosa kata (vocabulary), Alat-alat pembelajaran (Tools for learning) and other resources.

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Perkenalan (Introduction)[edit | edit source]

  1. Isi Contents
  2. Halaman Depan Frontpage
  3. Mengapa belajar bahasa Indonesia Why learn Indonesian
  4. Bagaimana cara memakai buku Wiki Indonesia ini How to use this Indonesian Wikibook

Pelajaran (Lessons)[edit | edit source]

Dasar (Basic)[edit | edit source]

This section describes the basics of the Indonesian language. Mostly it discusses the most basic structure of the language. What you'll learn here will be clarified further in the later sections.

  1. Huruf-Huruf Indonesian Alphabet
  2. Sapaan Greetings
  3. Ini, Itu This, That
  4. Kata Ganti Pronouns
  5. Kalimat Sederhana Simple Sentences
  6. Angka-Angka Numbers
  7. Kata Depan Prepositions

Pemula (Beginner)[edit | edit source]

This section will expand your vocabulary and grammar building on the sentence structures explained in the basic lessons.

  1. Memperkenalkan Diri Introducing Yourself
  2. Keluargaku My Family
  3. Rumahku My Home
  4. Di Sekolah At School
  5. Jam Berapa Sekarang? What Time is it?
  6. Ke Pasar To the Market
  7. Pelangi Rainbow
  8. Selamat Ulang Tahun Happy Birthday!
  9. Sakit Getting Sick
  10. Pergi ke Bali Going to Bali
  11. Mau ke mana? Where are you going?

Ahli (Expert)[edit | edit source]

Learn some cultural background of the Indonesian language and further improve your vocabulary using the grammar you've learned so far.

  1. Aku dan kamu Me and you
  2. Bahasa Oke Slang language

Alat-alat pembelajaran (Tools for learning)[edit | edit source]

Hal-hal menarik (interesting stuff)[edit | edit source]

  • English word rooted from Indonesian:
    • Durian = Duri (thorn)+ an (grammar) = Object with thorn
    • Orangutan = Orang Hutan = Forest person
    • Lahar = debris flow of pyroclastic material
    • Rattan = rotan
    • Amok = amuk

Latihan (Exercises)[edit | edit source]

Under construction

Tata Bahasa (Grammar)[edit | edit source]

  1. Kata Sifat Adjectives
  2. Kata Kerja Verbs
  3. Kata Keterangan Adverb
  4. Kata Benda Noun
  5. Kata Ganti Pronouns
  6. Kata Depan Prepositions
  7. Kata Pengubah Waktu Tenses
  8. Konjugasi / Pembentukan kata Conjugation / Word forming
  9. Kata Jender Gender
  10. Kata Negasi Negation
  11. Kalimat Sentences
  12. Pengubah waktu Tenses

Kosa Kata (Vocabulary)[edit | edit source]

Lihat Juga (See Also)[edit | edit source]

Pranala Luar (External links)[edit | edit source]

Kamus (Dictionary)[edit | edit source]

Online dictionary links:

  1. www.kamus.net - A user-friendly bilingual translation database which is still maturing itself and continuously adding new entries
  2. www.sederet.com - A Large English-Indonesian Online Dictionary
  3. Kamus Indonesia -English - UGM University

Situs-situs untuk belajar bahasa Indonesia (Sites for learning Indonesian)[edit | edit source]

Tentang Buku Ini (About this Book)[edit | edit source]

  1. Pengarang Authors