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Kata Tanya (Question Words)[edit]

The following is a list of Indonesian question words with their use.

Apa - What[edit]

  • Apa yang kamu mau? - What do you want?

Siapa - Who[edit]

  • Siapa orang itu? - Who is that person?

Mengapa / Kenapa - Why[edit]

  • Mengapa kamu bingung? - Why are you confused?

Berapa - How much/How many[edit]

  • Berapa mainan yang kamu punya? - How many toys do you have?

Kapan / Bilamana - When[edit]

  • Kapan kamu akan datang ke rumahku? - When will you come to my home?

Bagaimana - How[edit]

  • Bagaimana cara memasak sup? - How do you cook soup?

Di mana - Where[edit]

  • Di mana kamu tinggal? - Where do you live?

Ke mana - To where[edit]

  • Ke mana kamu pergi? - To where are you going?

Dari mana - From where[edit]

  • Dari mana dia datang? - Where has he/she come from?

Yang mana - Which [one][edit]

  • Yang mana yang kamu mau? - Which one do you want?

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