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Children's songs can help with learning basic language.

Burung Kakatua[edit | edit source]

Bahasa Indonesia Kata per kata Bahasa Inggris
Burung kakatua Bird cockatoo Cockatoo
Hinggap di jendela perch at window Perched on the windowsill
Nenek sudah tua Grandma already old Grandma is already old
Giginya tinggal dua Teeth-her left two She only has two teeth left

Topi saya bundar[edit | edit source]

Another popular childrens' song sung to the same tune as Burung Kakatua, often as a second verse.

Saya = I/me, topi = hat, so Topi saya = my hat.

Bahasa Indonesia Kata per kata Bahasa Inggris
Topi saya bundar Hat me (or my) round My hat is round
Bundar topi saya Round hat me Round is my hat
Kalau tidak bundar If not round If it is not round
Bukan topi saya Not hat me It is not my hat