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Apple Crisp I
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Apple crisp is a dessert made up of a baked apple filling and a crispy crumb topping. It is similar to cobbler, which has a biscuit-like (USA biscuit that is) or cake-like topping. It is also similar to a crumble, and the terms 'crisp' and 'crumble' may occasionally be used interchangeably. According to some traditions, crisp toppings are more likely to contain oats and/or nuts, while crumbles typically do not contain these ingredients. Cool room temperature is required to create a nice crisp topping. To serve apple crisp, spoon it into a bowl and, optionally, add vanilla ice cream. It also goes well with a glass of milk.


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  1. In a medium bowl stir together flour, brown sugar, and oatmeal. If the room temperature is a bit warm, you should cool this mixture in the fridge.
  2. Prepare the apples. This should be completed before mixing butter into the topping. It is helpful to choose apples that do not brown quickly; Granny Smith apples are a good choice. Do not use Red Delicious apples; they turn to mush. Place the apples into a 9-inch (23 cm) square baking dish; glass is best.
  3. Add the butter or margarine to the topping. Mix it via a slicing action, so that the butter or margarine forms tiny little chunks and does not melt or smear. A pair of butter knives, used like scissors, is good for this. You must work quickly once you start this step.
  4. Sprinkle the topping onto the apples. You may pat it down just a bit.
  5. Bake for about 30 minutes in a 375 °F (190°C) oven. Do not remove the crisp before the top is dark brown. Black spots indicate burning. It is better to burn a few small spots, which you can then remove, than to risk undercooking the topping.

Notes, tips, and variations

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  • Any type of apple may be used, baking or sweet, or a mixture of types.
  • Cooked apple dishes are a good use for substandard apples, e.g. damaged, wrinkled & windfall.
  • Crisps can be made with most any sort of fruit. Pineapple is a good choice.
  • Some fruits, especially peaches, go better in a cobbler.
  • Raisins can be added to the apples at the beginning, and ½ teaspoon of powdered ginger, or a sprinkling of nutmeg can also be put in.
  • Mixed spice is a perfect addition to apple dishes. This is more popular in Britain than the US.