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Pages with deprecated command in <math>...</math> equations. Please visit mw:Extension:Math/Roadmap for the update plan, leave some feedback or join our commission at phab:T195861.

The specific replacement the bot makes inside <math>...</math> tags are

Deprecated syntax Replacement Comment
$ \$ redefinition would involve changing the character code
% \% redefinition would involve changing the character code
\or \lor \or is used by standard LaTeX for logical operations in macros etc. see [1];
\and \land causes normal align environment to fail
\pagecolor remove not needed and not working anymore, done manually
\part \partial acceptable if the document doesn't use sectioning with \part.
\ang \angle this only conflicts with siunitx package.
\C \Complex conflicts with puenc.def e.g. from hyperref package
\H \mathbb{H} conflicts with text command \H{0} which is ő.
\bold \mathbf
\Bbb \mathbb

There are some false positives. The minimum false positive example is <math>\%<math> indeed anything with an escaped % seems to trigger the category. Report any others at T270530.

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