A Traveler's Guide to the World of Pokémon/Hoenn/Dewford Town

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Dewford Town
Muro Town
A tiny island in the blue sea.
Location Info
Region Hoenn
Connecting Routes Route 106 (North)
Route 107 (East)
Gym Info
Gym Leaders Brawly
Badge Knucklebadge
Type Fighting

Dewford Town (ムロ島, Muro Jima, Muro Island), in the Hoenn region, is the second town with a gym. It has a population of 17 people.

In the video games[edit | edit source]

Town Gym[edit | edit source]

Brawly is the Leader of the Dewford Town gym. He uses fighting type Pokémon, so employ Psychic-types or Flying-types against him (you can catch a Ralts on Route 102 if you're persistent, and Taillow are plentiful throughout Hoenn).

To reach Brawly in his gym, one has to follow a path that is dark and almost unlit. To light up the path, defeat all of the junior trainers, which are all in dead ends.

Dewford Hall[edit | edit source]

The little shack near the Pokémon Center houses Dewford Hall. Since Dewford Town is so far from the mainland, citizens are always eager to hear the latest news from newcomers. If you talk to the guy outside, he will tell you some nonsense phrase and ask you if you think it's the coolest. Tell him "No" and he'll give you a chance to change it. It may seem like just something fun to do at first, but once you reach Route 119 the importance becomes apparent: the areas in which you can catch Feebas change according to the catchphrase.

Incidentally, the catchphrase cannot be changed into something that can be deemed vulgar or obscene. If the player gives out a seemingly suggestive catchphrase, the guy will not accept it and retain the former slogan.

Once you give a phrase, the whole island will start to believe that it is the cool, and so this has become a source of humour in web comics. [1] [2].

Granite Cave[edit | edit source]

Granite Cave is an area in the northwest area of Dewford. In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player must go through the cave to deliver a letter to a man named Steven Stone. Likc the Rock Tunenl in Kanto, the cave is dark, and the player must have the HM Flash in order to get around. A hiker at the entrance will give it to the player and defeating the gym leader of the town (Brawley) will allow Flash to be used on the field. Once the player gives the letter to Steven Stone, the event is done and he or she may leave to advance to the next part of the game.

Extra areas[edit | edit source]

However, there are extra parts to Granite Cave that cannot be accessed when the player first visits it. After devices like HM06, Rock Smash, and the Mach Bike are obtained, both obtainable in Mauville City, the extra areas can be accessed. The player can use the Mach Bike to access an area containing several items, and can use Rock Smash to smash rocks in which occasionally Nosepass can be found, the only area to find them in the game.

In the anime[edit | edit source]

The Anime focuses primarily on three locations in Dewford Town. Dewford's Official Town Gym, where Ash first loses to Brawly in his first battle; Dewford's Pokémon Center which makes a few appearances to heal Pokémon; and Brawly's Training Cave Center, where Ash finally has his rematch against Brawly and win.