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Turkish[edit | edit source]

Întroduction[edit | edit source]

Turkish/Pronunciation and Alphabet/Lesson One - A-I
Turkish/Pronunciation and Alphabet/Lesson Two - İ-R
Turkish/Pronunciation and Alphabet/Lesson Three - S-Z
Turkish/Pronunciation and Alphabet/Lesson Four - Vowel Classifications and Harmony
Turkish/Ways of enhancing your Turkish/Turkish Satellite Television
Turkish/Ways of enhancing your Turkish/Turkish Music
Turkish/Ways of enhancing your Turkish/Turkish Movies
Turkish/Ways of enhancing your Turkish/Turkish on the internet
Turkish/Ways of enhancing your Turkish/Turkish newspapers & magazines
Turkish/Lesson One - Greetings
Turkish/Lesson Two - I am...
Turkish/Lesson Three - Asking Questions...
Turkish/Lesson Four - Are you busy today?
Turkish/Lesson Five - Asking for directions
Turkish/Lesson Six - Geography of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Turkish/List of Phrases
Turkish/List of Verbs
Turkish/List of Words
Turkish/To be or not to be
Turkish/Word Order
Turkish/Present Tense
Turkish/Negative - Present Continuous Tense
Turkish/Interrogative - Present Continuous Tense
Turkish/Past Tense
Turkish/Past Tense 2
Turkish/Negative Past Tense
Turkish/Past Continuous Tense
Turkish/NegativePast Continuous Tense
Turkish/Future Tense
Turkish/Negative Future Tense