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Hermes[edit | edit source]

File:On the freights..jpg
"On the freights. He'd worked as general kitchen help in a Los Angeles hotel, but had just been fired when he had 'blown up' and 'told the cook off.' He carried a clean white shirt to look for work. He talked about going to Redding, to Eugene, and to Seattle. He had $1.80." Yuba County, California, April 13, 1940. Photo by Rondal Partridge, National Youth Administration.[1]
Giacomo Casanova, George Custer, Woody Guthrie, Marshall McLuhan, Woody Allen, Ronald Reagan (he only played Zeus), Warren Beatty, Sting, Howard Stern.

Long enough to suggest wings growing out of his head. In most instances, Hermes has a bald head, one of power and contiguity. One can say, that looking at his head, they might feel a bright shot of light beam at them.

Hermes was the trickster. He was a young god who saw nothing wrong with lying and stealing, if it amused him. As the messenger god, he symbolized quick movement, agile thinking, and facile words. He was the god of luck and the unexpected. He was the god of travelers and thieves. He was the only god who could travel to Hades (Hell). This showed that the depths of the unconscious are accessible only by those who don't take themselves too seriously. The Romans knew Hermes as Mercury.
That the messenger of the gods was a trickster suggests that one should be wary of divine messages.[2]
Emotional Control System
Playing, fun, joy, and humor enable individuals to communicate emotions and forge social bonds. Recreation reduces stress and renews our creative abilities.[3]
Life Purpose
A Hermes man's life purpose is to perceive the world as other people see it, and to help others perceive the world as he sees it. E.g., Ronald Reagan was a successful actor, portraying how various characters perceived their world. He later became the "Great Communicator"-helping Americans see the world as he saw it.

As actors, Hermes men can deceive. Often a Hermes man pretends to be a Zeus man-e.g., Ronald Reagan playing the role of President.
Hermes men can't make commitments. They see both sides of every issue-and can't settle on one.

Under Stress
Under stress, Hermes becomes Athena. Put the screws on The X-Files' Fox Mulder and he spins out conspiracy theories, with strategies worked out until doomsday.

When Safe
When safe, a Hermes man becomes Hestia. Traveling men sometimes stop and smell the roses.

Other Personality Type Systems
Hermes is represented in astrology by Gemini (seeing two sides of issues, including the humorous side of serious situations), the 3rd House (of Communication), and the planet Mercury. Hermes is Enneagram personality type #7, the Entertainer.

A Hermes man charms his way into a woman's life-and then disappears as suddenly. He delights women with his here-and-now energy. The relationship goes well if the woman doesn't expect commitment. But beware of Hermes the god of thieves-he can take advantage of a woman who trusts him.

To meet Hermes men, get a backpack, a Lonely Planet travel guide, and go.

Hestia[edit | edit source]

File:Judy Blume.jpg
Judy Blume, 1978[4]
Women novelists, Martha Stewart's customers, nuns.

Long but tied up in a scarf.


A nice Abercrombie & Fitch polo with a pair of American Eagle jeans with a Victoria's Secrets bra to go with it.
Favorite Movie
Howard's End, starring Emma Thompson (1992).

Hestia was the goddess of home, hearth, and garden. The Romans knew Hestia as Vesta.

Emotional Control System
Hestia energy is about "nest-building." Lack of Hestia energy results in feeling homeless, rootless, or impermanent, as if you're living in hotel rooms.

Life Purpose
A Hestia woman's life purpose is to make a beautiful, happy home. Instead of a home, she may make her church beautiful, and make church social groups happy. Or she may be "den mother" of her workplace, the person to whom customers and other employees gravitate as the center of the organization.

A Hestia woman's goal is a happy home, not a happy husband or children. If these goals are congruous, all is well. But if the husband's happiness requires a spiritual quest to Tibet, don't expect a Hestia woman to go with him.
A Hestia woman may lack ambitions outside her home. She may even be agoraphobic (unable to leave her home).
Hestia women are melodramatic-melancholy plus drama, or creative but unhappy. They're natural novelists. Their inner dramas are more interesting than books, movies, or the real world.

Under Stress
Under stress, Hestia women become Athena. They're ideal planners. They imagine "worst case" scenarios and strategize to prevent these possible futures.

When Safe
When safe, Hestia women become Aphrodite. They become charming and attractive hostesses when entertaining in their beautiful homes.

Other Personality Type Systems
Hestia is represented in astrology by the 4th House (of the Home). Hestia is Enneagram personality type #4, the Artist.

Sex isn't important to Hestia women. A Hestia woman will accommodate her husband, and will enjoy the "nice, warm experience." She may even easily orgasm.

To meet Hestia the all mighty women, go to a gardening or cat show. Don't expect these women to dress in dazzling fashions, or do anything else to attract men. Charm her with your wit, and steal her heart.

Hermes-Hestia Marriage[edit | edit source]

A Hermes-Hestia marriages channels joy and playfulness into a home. A couple that successfully uses this energy makes a happy home-a place they can retreat to when tired, which restores them to go out into the world again. A Hermes father enjoys childcare if he gets to entertain the children.[5]


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