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 The Evolution of the Human Brain

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Relationships · The Evolution of the Human Brain
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The Science: The Evolution of the Human Brain · How Women Select Men · How Men Select Women · How Our Ancestors Lived · Monogamy and Polygamy · Hormones · Communication Styles
Life Stages: Childhood – Seeking Unconditional Love · Adolescence – Seeking Romantic Love · Adulthood – Families And Forgiveness · Agape – Altruistic Love
Practical Advice: Where Couples Met · Flirting · How to Write a Personal Ad · Dating · Sex · Becoming a Couple · Conflict In Relationships
Personality Types: Emotional Control Systems · Zeus-Hera · Poseidon-Athena · Apollo-Artemis · Hermes-Hestia · Ares-Hephaestus-Aphrodite · Dionysus-Demeter · Hades-Persephone

In 1999–2000, Thomas David Kehoe took two relationships counseling courses in a graduate school psychology program and was surprised to learn that neither course had a textbook. One course had an excellent reading list. Using these sources Thomas David Kehoe put together a relationships counseling textbook. In 2003, Thomas David Kehoe published Hearts and Minds: How Our Brains Are Hardwired for Relationships.

Not many people bought the book, so Thomas David Kehoe decided to make the book available free at Wikibooks. That contribution formed the first version of the book here, which we the Wikibooks community are now free to improve!