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Welcome to the Projects reading room. On this page, Wikibookians can talk about subjects related to books, book projects, and other tasks here on Wikibooks that require discussion and organization.

Policy-based Resilience Simulator with OMNeT++[edit]

I had published a guide to compile Policy-based Resilience Simulator with OMNeT++ (you can see it here: ). Initially published in 2013, it has moved homes several times, and has been verified by original authors of couple of its components. Actually now I am planning to delete it from the blog, and fact that I have been contacted by couple of people in past who had found the article useful, I'm willing to move it to Wikibooks, if someone can verify if it can be published here. It had some 2-3 visits everyday before I moved it to this blog, even more in it's first home.

I had posted it in #wikibook IRC channel and got a positive response from one user, who recommended me to bring it up for discussion here. The article is still valid, since ReaSE has not been updated since 2011 (and I vaguely remember author mentioning that it may not be).

Might need a bit of rewriting in terms of narration and wiki formatting, for which I'm ready to. Please do give me your suggestions, I will move ahead once I get a green signal from here! --Jessepfrancis (discusscontribs) 13:46, 28 April 2016 (UTC)

I have started "wikifying" it here--Jessepfrancis (discusscontribs) 15:14, 28 April 2016 (UTC)

Handbook on a fictional world[edit]

Hello everyone,

first I want to apologize, if I'm in the wrong place, but it seemed pretty appropriate.

I got a problem. I did invent a sci-fi setting to play a RPG in, now I thought it would be great to release all information necessary to generate content for this universe into the public domain (describing society, planets, companys, races, basic timeline etc...). So that people would be able to base RPG-Settings, Audio Theater, Films, all sorts of fiction in general on the material. During time the book will grow with every media published about the setting adding to the "canon". The problem is: I think Wikibooks is the ideal place for this, but because of the fictional nature of the topic it might be... dunno... bad?

Why do I think wikibooks is the ideal place for it? Because everyone can contribute to the universe, even as an IP who doesn't care about wikimedia, but publish a short story on his/her Blog adding the infos he invented here. Hence the "Handbook" on the world is growing larger and larger, so everybody wanting to publish their own material can look up easily everything necessary to tell storys according to the here published growing "canon". There need to be some guidelines to let's say "block" certain "bits of information" for a certain amount of time, so that a creative mind can finish his work, adding the events he/she proposed to the "canon". The easiest example would be: The story takes place on a certain planet, and the author says: well for the next three month, the information about this planet is only written by me. It's probably possible to set the stage for something like this in the "Authorsguide" for the book...

Why do I think it might be a problem: It's a fine line between facts (here known as canon to a story) and fiction. There is the risk, that authors think they can contribute stories/content here. Where should be even drawn the line? Isn't the "invention" of a world in itself already fiction, so it does not belong here? There might occur problems, because some persons want to write, lets call it, "inappropriate" stuff, describing the backgrounds here... (actually my biggest concern: abuse in a "being rights" sense).

You probably guess: I think it will fit in nicely (and hopefully work out). I looked some books up and I think comparable would be the Lego Design book and the Magic The Gathering Book. My goal would be to describe "bricks" of information (published here), with which authors can build stories (published NOT here -> Youtube, Blogs, Deviantart, etc...). The result would be a totally free canon of a fictional world to whom everybody can contribute to.

To give an impression of how I see the content of the book:

What I would do:

  • Describe characters that have a real impact on the world
  • Describe Planets, vegetation, brief history
  • Describe Technology
  • Describe the timeline
  • ...

What I don't want to do:

  • I don't want to describe characters that are part of small stories
  • I don't want to describe every ship in fleet xy
  • I don't want to describe personal belongings of characters
  • ...

What do you think: Would you as a community accept such content? Do you think future Wikibooks-Generations would defend the idea against moving to wikia, which would probably be the first reflex of a wikipedian, to move the content to? At least it's original descriptive content? Did I miss any points (I probably did)? Is there anything that should be discussed, or is there a general opinion of "Cool! Give it a shot! If you stop writing in 3 month, we'll delete it anyways?"?

Thanks for reading, and your opinion, if you are so kind to write it. I'll probably sign up and start writing within the next half a year, if the majority likes the idea! Regards Axel-- (discuss) 22:47, 20 May 2016 (UTC)

Translation of Le Petit Prince by Saint-Exupéry[edit]

In many countries the Little Prince fell into public domain last year. Since it's such a famous and wonderful work, wouldn't it be nice with an English translation under creative commons? Also, an English translation could be a basis for other open translations. There is not much text, but unfortunately I don't know any French (nor am I fluent in English), but will happily assist in the ways I can. What du you think of such an idea? Is wikibooks the right arena? -- (discuss) 13:57, 14 June 2016 (UTC)

@ See WB:Annotated texts. --Pi zero (discusscontribs) 14:18, 14 June 2016 (UTC)

I see, then it seems this project belongs in wikisource rather than wikibooks. Thanks! -- (discuss) 19:00, 14 June 2016 (UTC)