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(Test: see discussion) A list of the more complete books in this department are shown below. At the bottom of the page you will find a listing of all the books in this department. Many of these other books have considerable content and are well worth exploring.


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Wikibook Development Stages
Sparse text 0% Developing text 25% Maturing text 50% Developed text 75% Comprehensive text 100%

Rhetoric and Composition (PDF)

This book is written as a practical guide for students struggling to bring their writing up to the level expected of them by their professors and instructors. We have avoided complicated "textbook language" and jargon in favor of plain, easily understood prose. We have simply passed on what has worked well for us in our own experiences as college writers and instructors. File:Stein by picasso.jpg

European History (PDF)

From Rome to the present day, European History puts the whole sweep of history in Europe into context.

UK Constitution and Government (PDF)

The perfect introduction for high school lessons on UK government. It is also a quick guide for people of other nations to get some insight into the arcane governance of the UK with its powerless head of state and all powerful House of Commons.

US History (PDF)

A history of the nation that shapes our modern world. Perfect as an introduction for both high school in the US and for people from other countries who want to know what makes the US tick.

Chinese (PDF)

The ideal way to learn standard Mandarin. There are audio files and copious lessons in how to write as well as understand the language.

French (PDF) (high quality images PDF 8MB)

A beautifully produced, complete course in French that includes audio files so that you can really learn to speak the language. It has extensive notes on grammar and is suitable as a textbook for high school students in the US and UK up to age 16. It is also an indispensable aid for the older traveller!

All Arts books...

- A Brief History of Theater Arts in the United States25% developed - Digital Photography

BOARD GAMES - Arimaa 25% developed  as of January 6, 2006 - Chess 75% developed  as of May 3, 2005 - Chess Opening Theory 0% developed  as of October 8, 2005 - Chinese checkers 25% developed  as of May 3, 2005 - Go 25% developed  as of august er 14, 2005COLLECTIBLE CARD GAMES - Magic: The Gathering - Pokémon Trading Card Game 25% developed  as of May 3, 2005PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Folkstyle Wrestling - Lucid DreamingPLAYING CARD GAMES - Poker 50% developed  as of February 16, 2006ROLE PLAYING GAMES - Dungeons & Dragons 25% developed  as of December 28, 2009SPORTS - Folkstyle Wrestling 25% developed  as of May 15, 2006 - Basketball 25% developed  as of June 3, 2006 - Football (soccer) 0% developed  as of March, 2007ELECTRONIC GAMES


FEATURED HISTORY BOOKS - European History - New Zealand History - US History - Wikijunior:Kings and Queens of England

HISTORY BY PERIOD - ANCIENT HISTORY - Proported Ancient Worlds - Wikijunior:Ancient Civilizations - MODERN HISTORY - The Cold WarHISTORY BY REGION - AFRICAN HISTORY - Ethiopian History - ASIAN HISTORY - Israeli History - Japanese History - Philippine History - Japan's Foreign Policy Toward Vietnam 1978-1992 - EUROPEAN HISTORY - Wikijunior Kings and Queens of England - History of Greece - The Holocaust - MIDDLE EASTERN HISTORY - Iranian History - OCEANIC HISTORY - Australian History - New Zealand History 75% developed  as of Jan 4, 2008 - Political History of New Zealand - WESTERN HISTORY - Canadian History - History of Embrun - Latin-American History - US History 75% developed  as of Feb 14, 2005 - History of Edmeston, New York - WORLD HISTORY - United Nations HistoryTHEMATIC HISTORY - HISTORY OF THE ARTS - Art History - Western Music History - HISTORY OF RELIGION - History of Christianity - History of Islam - HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY - History of Computers - The Computer Revolution - GUIDES FOR HISTORIANS - How to write a research paper in History - Knowledge Engineering for Historians - MISCELLANEOUS HISTORIES - AP United States History - Biography of Nikola Tesla - Historical Disasters and Tragedies - History of Historical Writing - The Rowers of Vanity Fair - The Seven Wonders of the World - Warfare - Wikijunior:Introduction to History


LINGUISTICS - LinguisticsCOMPOSITION AND WRITING - Composition - Creative Writing - Writing Adolescent FictionRHETORIC - Rhetoric and Composition - Rhetoric and Writing in the Public Sphere - Visual RhetoricREGIONAL LITERATURE - Shakespeare - American Literature - Science Fiction Literature - Japanese LiteratureGENERAL TOPICS - Literary criticismMULTIPLE WORKS AND AUTHOR GUIDES - Shakespeare - Plato FICTION ANNOTATIONS - Atlas Shrugged - Lord of the Flies - Of Mice and Men - Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter NONFICTION ANNOTATIONS - The Annotated Constitution of the United States