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Passive/Subjunctive Tenses
Passive is used to describe something like an indirect action affects you - an example is "I was being held". In Latin, it is conjugated through six parts - the present set (present, imperfect, future), and the perfect set (perfect, pluperfect, future perfect). Below is a chart you can use for endings and such.

The present tense through future tenses use the present stem. I'm using the word amo, amare, amavi, amatus - to love, so the present stem is "am".

1st person amor amāmur
2nd person amāris amāminī
3rd person amātur amantur
1st person amābar amābāmur
2nd person amābāris amābāminī
3rd person amābātur amābantur
1st person amābor amābimur
2nd person amāberis amābiminī
3rd person amābitur amābuntur
1st person amātus, a, um sum amātī, ae, a sumus
2nd person amātus es amātī estis
3rd person amātus est amātī sunt
1st person amātus, a, um eram amātī, ae, a erāmus
2nd person amātus erās amātī erātis
3rd person amātus erat amātī erant
Future Perfect
1st person amātus, a, um erō amātī, ae, a erimus
2nd person amātus eris amātī eritis
3rd person amātus erit amātī erunt

Hope this is all correct and helps!