Latin/Lesson 4-The Subjunctive Passive

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Passive Subjunctive System

[edit | edit source]

Having examined Lessons 15 and 23, forming the passive subjunctive should be quite simple.


[edit | edit source]

Modify the verb stem appropriately with a vowel change (as learned in Lesson 15), then add the present passive endings (Lesson 23).

parer manear regar capiar audiar
pareris manearis regaris capiaris audiares
paretur maneatur regatur capiatur audiatur
paremur maneamur regamur capiamur audiamur
paremini maneamini regamini capiamini audiamini
parentur maneantur regantur capiantur audiantur


[edit | edit source]

The passive endings added to the present active infinitive.

pararer manerer regerer caperer audirer
parareris manereris regereris capereris audireris
pararetur maneretur regeretur caperetur audiretur
pararemur maneremur regeremur caperemur audiremur
pararemini maneremini regeremini caperemini audiremini
pararentur manerentur regerentur caperentur audirentur