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How do I search Wikibooks?[edit | edit source]

Use Special:Search or use the search box in the sidebar. See Help:Navigating#Searching for more.

You can also use Google to search Wikibooks by following this link. Google's index will, however, not be up to date.

Where can I request new entries?[edit | edit source]

After you've exhausted searching for the content, you may ask for more help in locating it in the assistance reading room, or add an entry to Wikibooks:Requested books.

What license does Wikibooks use for contents?[edit | edit source]

The text of each page is covered by at least the GNU Free Documentation License. Some contents (notably images and other media files) may use compatible licenses for which you will need to check the terms. These may be public domain, use a copyleft license like Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike, or are used under fair use terms.

See Wikibooks:Copyrights and Wikibooks:Media for more.

How do I cite a Wikibooks module?[edit | edit source]

Cite it as you would any other web page in accordance with the normal citation practice of the publication you are submitting the paper to follows. Because Wikibooks modules are constantly edited, you should include the URL for the specific version of the module you accessed. You can determine this URL by clicking the "Page history" link and clicking on the date of the version you want (likely the one at the top). The URL of the resulting page is a permanent link back to that version no matter what changes are made afterwards. Citing the individual authors is not necessary.

How do I print a wikibook?[edit | edit source]

Newer browsers will be able to access the "print stylesheet" which removes the Wikibooks interface and some colors. Try a print preview (if your browser has this function) to see how it will print.

Alternatively, you can click the "printable version" link in the toolbox at the bottom of the menu on your left.

Some books provide special print versions.

Can I mirror Wikibooks on my website?[edit | edit source]

You can use, copy, redistribute, modify or mirror as much as you wish, as long as you follow the provisions of the GNU Free Documentation License and the licenses of any images or media you use.

See Wikibooks:Copyrights, and Wikibooks:Media.

Can I get Wikibooks on CD, or download it for offline use?[edit | edit source]

There are no CDs currently available. You can however download the database. Some books, furthermore, have print versions.

Am I required to use the GFDL for my site if I quote Wikibooks?[edit | edit source]

Citing Wikibooks is sufficient if you're quoting small bits (under the fair use doctrine). If you wish to quote substantial portions of it, you may wish to consult with a lawyer as it may constitute a derivative work. You are welcome to drop by the Wikibooks:Reading room to seek the opinion of Wikibookians. We're usually a good bunch and try not to bite. :-D

How do you know if information is correct?[edit | edit source]

As anyone can edit any module, it is of course possible for biased, out-of-date or incorrect information to be posted. However, because there are so many other people reading the modules and monitoring contributions using the Recent Changes page, incorrect information is usually put right quickly. Thus, the overall accuracy of this instructional resource is improving all the time as it attracts more and more contributors. You are encouraged to help by correcting modules and passing on your own knowledge.

Is there any peer-review process to validate included information?[edit | edit source]

In general, Wikibooks depends on contributors like you to fix any incorrect information, though Wikibooks does have a system to review page revisions. Content should generally be easy to verify by checking other sources or through being able to reproduce similar results yourself.