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Verifying Edits

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The FlaggedRevs extension enables us to verify certain page edits and flag them as being held to a particular level of quality. When additional edits are made, the quality could potentially go down, so we can configure the page to only show the most recently verified version of the page to readers by default, until later edits can be similarly reviewed. Books needing review are typically in the Review or Featured states.

Verifying a book

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To review and verify a book, you need to have the appropriate flags. Getting them is easy enough, and I won't waste time describing it all here. In order to verify the quality of an entire book, you must go through and grade each page individually.

You don't need to pick through the page with a magnifying glass and tweezers. Give it a quick read-over, and check if the page is a decent quality. Is the writing consistent and of a high quality? Is the page verifiable? Does the page have sufficient coverage? These rankings are a judgment call, and some reviewers will naturally grade some pages higher or lower than others. This is fine. It is never worth while to quarrel over a page ranking, the quality of the page could change dramatically after the next edit anyway.

Pick a couple pages per day and review them. It won't be long before you've reviewed the whole book. Then, you just need to keep up with changes over time which is much easier.

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If a book is featured, that doesn't mean you have to rush in and mark every single page as being "Featured Quality". This is probably not the truth anyway. Mark pages naturally, and grade each page individually from other pages or from the book at large. Keep in mind that the book itself may have an emergent quality to it, where it is better in whole then the individual parts are. If you have a featured book where all of the pages are reviewed with relatively low scores, it might be a sign that the book is not featured quality.

Improving Review Coverage

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  1. Read and evaluate individual pages. Leave notes on the talk page about any large issues that you find
  2. Sight the page for quality, being honest and leaving a summary comment
  3. Mark the TOC of the book and possibly the offending pages of the book with cleanup templates like {{stub}}, {{cleanup}}, or {{npov}}
  4. Nominate good books for featured status.
  5. Nominate very bad books for deletion.