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General Cleanup[edit | edit source]

Some books just need general cleanup. You can't even pinpoint it and say "The content needs to be improved" or "The formatting needs to be fixed". Instead, what's needed is a good editor to go over the page line by line and fix all sorts of different things. Books needing general cleanup are typically in the Stub or Expand development stages.

Reasons for Cleanup[edit | edit source]

There are a lot of reasons why a page might need general cleanup.

Content Dumps[edit | edit source]

Sometimes authors just dump content onto a page rapidly, and don't worry about making everything perfect. Once the book is large and has content, all the details can be gone over and made better.

Page Imports[edit | edit source]

Pages imported from Wikipedia or other projects will use different styles of formatting, different styles of writing, different templates, different categories, etc. These all need to be removed from the page.

Automatic Translations[edit | edit source]

Automatic translations from different languages, or translations from other formatting styles (HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, XML, etc) can leave unwanted artifacts in the generated Wikitext. These need to be cleaned by hand.

Cleaning a Book[edit | edit source]

Here are things you can do to cleanup a book:

  1. Address any cleanup templates that have been put on the book. Either discuss the issues on the talk page, or read, review, and edit pages to fix the problems.
  2. Remove cleanup templates when they are no longer applicable.
  3. Add the book to any necessary categories with {{Subject}}, and make sure it shows up in the necessary subject pages.
  4. Fix poor spelling and grammar
  5. Integrate images into the body of text by styling it with "thumb" or "frame" and other modifiers and referencing the image from the text of the page