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Hello. I'm a Wikimedian with accounts on en.wp, zh.wp, meta and commons (where I'm an admin).

My subpages:


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I am currently trying, very slowly, to write a Wikibook to learn Uyghur.


  • Write a Write Arabic book, specifically concerned with only how to read (that is, parse) and write Arabi scripts. So not just Arabic. Will probably adopt some of the approaches of ReadWrite Arabic, since it seems very good. Animated gifs for all!!
    • The Arabic alphabet: how to read and write it by Nicholas Awde & Petros (? can't read my own handwriting) Samano, 1986.
  • Um... go back to Uyghur...

Cookbook stuff

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I'm Australian and did a bunch of editing under my IP before finally succumbing to yet another wikimedia project. Argh!

I'll probably mostly be interested in the Cookbook I think. I think there's a lot to be done! I like adding pictures because I personally almost never cook a recipe if it doesn't have a picture.

If you want some photos for a recipe feel free to suggest it to me. But the ingredients should be understandable to me and it should be vegetarian. Eggs & dairy products OK.

I find the whole concept of copyright in relation to recipes pretty suss. Someone once told me you can't copyright the method, just the particular way you've described it. So it's perfectly fine to rewrite the method in your own description, and voila, your copyright. Really???

Modules I've taken images for/added my own images to

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Photo tutorials

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To investigate

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