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Learn Uyghur!

Contents[edit | edit source]

The central discussion point for the whole book should be User talk:Pfctdayelise/Uyghur.

/Cover[edit | edit source]

+ interwiki, cats

/Introduction[edit | edit source]

Introduction to the Uyghur language. For an introduction to this book, per se, see the /About section.

/Basics[edit | edit source]

Learning Arabic calligraphy.jpg

Emphasise the importance of making that quick association between the script and the sound. heaps of OGGs to listen to (not so many later). should master this section completely before going on to the next (remember how long you spent just learning the alphabet? gotta crawl before you can walk), but it should also serve as a "drop-in refresher" for later

/Lessons[edit | edit source]

Each lesson should have, as a minimum:

    • Introduction: In this lesson you will learn...
    • Text(s) (mostly dialogue, may also include speeches/newspaper articles later)
    • Vocabulary lists (from /Vocabulary)
    • Grammar notes (from /Grammar)
    • Exercises
    • Test - should relate directly back to the introduction

/Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Primarily annotated lists.

/Grammar[edit | edit source]

    • huge number of affixes apparently. I suggest one per node/page. just spread everything out and make it all independent if possible, so people can dip in and out as they need.

/Beyond[edit | edit source]

/About[edit | edit source]

All "meta" kind of information about this book in particular should go in this section.

Notes to self[edit | edit source]

cf. Turkish (linguistically), Irish (layout)

zomg Arabic...

web resources: