Traditional Chinese Medicine/Herbs that Clear Heat

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Qing Re Yao (Herbs That Clear Heat)[edit | edit source]

  • Most Qing Re Yao clear both External & Internal Heat
  • External Heat can get into the body and transform into Internal Heat
  • Herbs that clear heat generally have antibiotic actions
  • Qing Re Yao are contraindicated for weak Spleen or Stomach

6 Subcategories of Herbs That Clear Heat[edit | edit source]

External Evil[edit | edit source]

External Evil can invade 4 levels, where the Wei Level is the least serious, and the Xue Level is the most serious level:

  • Wei Level (卫分证) Defensive Level
  • Qi Level (气分证) Energy Level
  • Ying Level (营分证) Nutritive Level
  • Xue Level (血分证) Blood Level

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