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The Indian Ocean is surrounded by Asia to the north, Oceania and the Pacific Ocean to the east, the Southern Ocean to the south, and Africa and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

India Yarng beeibuh beih Yahzhou, dongbuh beih Dahyarng Zhou her Taihpirng Yarng, narnbuh beih Narnbing Yarng, xibuh beih Feizhou her Dahxi Yarng baoweir.

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean of the world, its area is 73,556,000km², covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface.

India Yarng shih shihjieh di-3 dah haaiyarng, miahnji 7355'6000km², zhahn Dihqiur shuiimiahn yue 20%.