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Southern Ocean around Antarctica (looking up at the bottom of the Earth)

The Southern Ocean (also called Antarctic Ocean) is the ocean around Antarctica. It is a new geography term officially created in 2000. It means the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean around the continent of Antarctica out to 60 degrees south latitude.

Narnbing Yarng (yee jiaohzuoh Narnjir Yarng) shih weirraoh Narnjir Zhou d haaiyarng, 2000 niarn zhehngshih chuahngzaoh d dihlii shuhyuu. ta shih weirraoh Narnjir Zhou, narnweei 60 duh yiineih d Dahxi Yarng, Taihpirng Yarng her India Yarng d shuiiyuh.

The area of Southern Ocean is 20,327,000km², and the coastline length is 17,968km.

Narnbing Yarng miahnji 2032'7000km², haai`ahnxiahn 1'7968km.