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Mandelbulb3D Main Window

Main Program[edit | edit source]

The core of Mandelbulb3D is known as the Main Program. It consists of the Main Window and three child windows: Formulas, Lighting, and Postprocess.

Main Window[edit | edit source]

The Main Window is composed of four areas:

Main Program child windows[edit | edit source]

Three essential child windows make up the rest of the Mandelbulb3D Main Program. Information is automatically shared between these windows and the Main Window.

Tools and Plug-ins[edit | edit source]

Each of these windows performs essential functions, like a program within a program. Scene data must be sent back and forth between the Main window and the Plug-in or Tool window. Sometimes this is automatic, but often the user must click a button to transfer data between windows.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Plug-ins[edit | edit source]

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