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Formulas window[edit | edit source]

The Formulas window is in many ways the creative "heart" of Mandelbulb3D. This is where artists choose fractal algorithms, combine them, edit parameters, and control the depth of iteration.

The Formulas window is launched from its button in the Side Panel of the Main Window. It can be docked or un-docked from the Main window from a context menu. Right-click the Formulas button and choose and option to stick or unstick the Formulas window to the Main window.

The general workflow of the Formulas window is to choose formulas from the buttons labeled 3D, 3Da, and so on. These can be loaded into any of the six available tabs and combined in numerous ways. The depth of formula iterations is controlled per formula and globally.

See the following pages for more reference information on the Formulas window:

Plug-ins and Tools[edit | edit source]

Plug-ins and Tools can read from, and sometimes write to, fractal parameter values in the Formulas window.

.M3F File Format[edit | edit source]

The Mandelbulb3D native format for formula definitions is the .M3F Formula file.