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Navigator[edit | edit source]

The Navigator window is launched from the button near the top left of the Main window. It provides interactive camera navigation and fractal parameter value editing. The Navigator window renders at draft quality, not suitable for final delivery, but the Navigator is essential for pre-visualization and experimentation. The Adjustment panel is a "sandbox" where changes to formula values and other paramaters can be previewed in near real time.

The Navigator is not connected directly to the scene parameters in other windows such as Main and Formulas windows. When the Navigator first opens, scene parameters are imported to the Navigator automatically. Thereafter, buttons on the Parameter panel can import and export parameters between the Navigator and the scene. This round-trip workflow utilizes the Navigator as a parametric modeling tool as well as a camera viewport.

Parameter panel[edit | edit source]

The partly collapsible section at the bottom of the Navigator is the Parameter panel. It provides tools to send and receive data from the scene in the Main program, control camera attributes, and adjust the visual quality of the Navigator window.

Adjustment panel[edit | edit source]

The collapsible Adjustment panel on the right of the Navigator window allows interactive changes to fractal parameters, iterations, and rendering attributes.