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Formulas, Lighting, and Postprocess windows[edit | edit source]

Three essential child windows can be opened from the Main Window: Formulas, Lighting, and Postprocess. The Main Program, or core of Mandelbulb3D, is composed of the Main Window and these three child windows. Information is automatically shared between these windows and the Main Window.

In the Formulas window, users perform "modeling" tasks such as choosing formulas, arranging them in the sequence of tabs, choosing hybrid modes and options, and adjusting fractal parameter values.

The Lighting window provides access to shading parameters for illumination, object materials, background images, fog, and scene gamma correction.

Optional rendering operations are chosen in the Postprocess window. It is divided into sections and provides a user interface for rendering a selected area of the frame, calculating lighting normals, rendering hard shadows, ambient occlusion, reflections and transparency, and depth of field.

Each of these three windows is launched from its respective button in the Side Panel of the Main Window. Each can be docked or un-docked from the Main window from a context menu. Right-click a button and choose an option to stick or unstick the window to the Main window.

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