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Mandelbulb3D Image Display pane highlighted in the Main Window

Image Display[edit | edit source]

The rendered image is displayed in the center pane of the Main Window. It interacts with all other panels and toolbars in the Main Window.

Rendered image resolution and viewing size are set with the Top Toolbar settings in the Viewing and Image section.

When Mandelbulb3D first opens, the image displayed is two-dimensional. This is a slice through the three-dimensional space of the fractal. Navigation for this 2D mode is performed with the controls on the Bottom toolbar. For 3D renderings, camera operation is better handled by the intuitive 3D Navigator window.

Controls in the Side Panel interact with the Image pane in many ways when rendering in three dimensions with the Calculate 3D button.

Other windows such as the Animation Maker can modify scene parameters and therefore affect the final rendering in the Image pane.

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