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MATLAB Programming

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MATLAB is a mathematical software package which can be used for analysing and solving mathematical and engineering problems such as numerical computations, graphs plotting, programming and more. MATLAB treat all the variables in form of scalar , vector or matrices form. For this book of MATLAB Programming, it is aimed to give a new MALAB users have an overview of how to use the basic and intermediate level of MATLAB and of course to keep this free for students who might be using this book for their course. To start off, MATLAB is a scripting language (Note that I didn't mentioned it is programming language) for data analysis, think of it as a super-powered programmable calculator with useful default functions that are built specifically for math applications.

The name MATLAB itself is an abbreviation for "MATrix LABoratory". Originally, it was a simple interactive matrix calculator in early 1980's. Gradually, it evolves into programming language developed by MathWorks. It started out as a matrix programming language where linear algebra programming was simple. It can be run both under interactive sessions and as a batch job. While other programming languages mostly work with numbers one at a time, MATLAB is designed to operate primarily on whole matrices and arrays. All MATLAB variables are multidimensional arrays, no matter what type of data. A matrix is a two-dimensional array often used for linear algebra.

MATLAB are also designed to be equipped with toolboxes. A toolbox is a package of custom functions and/or classes which are generally for a specific topic (such as control system, signal processing or even deep learning).The toolboxes are either provided officially by Mathworks and require a expensive license, others can be downloaded for free from the File Exchange.

Finally, this book assumes that you have access to latest MATLAB version but if you didn't have , no worries. I believe that most of the examples are also can be run using Octave as the later tried to compatible matching the programming syntax of MATLAB (for most of time)

Click this link to try the free version of MATLAB: | Octave-Online.

MATLAB Programming Chapters

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Chapter 1: MATLAB Introductions .

Fundamentals of MATLAB
Basic MATLAB commands
Examples of MATLAB Command
File Name Types

Chapter 2: MATLAB Concepts

MATLAB operator

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Causa y efecto paralelo tt

Chapter 3: Variable Manipulations

Numbers and Booleans
Complex Numbers

Chapter 4: Vector and Matrices

Vector and Matrices
Special Matrices
Operation on Matrices
Operation on Vectors
Sparse Matrices

Chapter 5: Array

Introduction to array operations
Vectors and Basic Vector Operations
Mathematics with Vectors and Matrices
Struct Arrays
Cell Arrays

Chapter 6: Graphical plotting .

Polar Plot
Bode Plot
Nichols Plot
Nyquist Plot

Chapter 7: Functions .

Portable Functions What is a handle? Using Handles
Figure handles
Axis handles
Other types of handles
Inserting Newlines into Plot Labels

Chapter 8: Advance MATLAB functions .

Numerical Manipulation Reading and writing data files
Advanced I/O
Object Oriented Programming
Applications and Examples
Toolboxes and Extensions
Order Differential Equations

Chapter 9: M-Files coding.

The Input Function
Control Flow
Loops and Branches
Error Messages
Inserting Newlines into Disp Warn and Error
Debugging M Files

Chapter 10: GUI Programming MATLAB


App Designer
GUI to get a file or directory

Bonus Chapters

Easter Eggs
MATLAB Benefits and Caveats
History of MATLAB

Authors & Contributors
Alternatives to MATLAB


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