Lucid Dreaming/Reality Checks/Powers

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Presentation[edit | edit source]

With the powers reality check, you try to use "magical" powers (i.e. flying, unlocking doors without touching them, walking through objects, etc.) and see if they work; if they do, then chances are you're dreaming.

As long as you're dreaming and you expect your "magical powers" to work, then they will, and you'll hopefully realize that you must be dreaming.

Examples of this reality check working[edit | edit source]

  • I'm in a room with a locked door. I "wish" it open, and it opens. I realize I must be dreaming.
  • I'm falling off a cliff, and I try to stop falling, and start moving upwards. I start flying, and realize that I must be dreaming.

Examples of this reality check failing[edit | edit source]

  • I'm walking along a path and notice a giant green rat walking along it with me. I vaguely realize that rats are generally not 5 feet long excluding the tail, and generally don't have green fur, but I figure there must be some breed of giant rats that I've never heard of before. I decide to try levitating the rat, and doubtfully try to force the rat to start floating with my mind, but it just keeps walking. I figure that I must be awake after all, and make a note to go look up giant green rats in an encyclopaedia when I get home.
  • I'm in the guest bedroom of my grandparents' apartment. I look into the mirror above the chimney and think about transforming into a woman. However, the previous part of my dream was about me being able to transform into a woman, so I thought it was normal when I actually did, and I continued nonlucidly.
  • Sometimes when this does work, the lucidity wears off after a couple of minutes and the laws of physics kick back in. Usually this happens when I'm in midflight and it tends to get me killed in undignified ways.