Lucid Dreaming/Reality Checks/Jumping

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[edit | edit source]

Also called the flying reality check; with the jumping reality check, you jump up and see if you float back down. Also try these techniques:

  • While driving, try to pull the steering wheel up. You should start flying into the air if you are dreaming.
  • If you are almost asleep or not sure if you are dreaming yet, try to levitate above your bed without moving or opening your eyes. This will help you continue to fall asleep if you are not dreaming, or will tell if you are dreaming already.
  • If you are riding in any vehicle, bicycle, etc, try to make it fly.

Examples of this reality check failing

[edit | edit source]
  • I did the jumping reality check but I just went down normally. I continued in my dream...
  • I did the jumping reality check and floated back down. I asked a dream character about this. He said that gravity was decreasing due to global warming. I accepted this weird explanation and continued in my dream.
  • I did the jumping reality check and found that I could float about a foot off the ground. It's like the sensation of standing on a balloon, except it's nothing but air. This happens all the time in my dreams, but apparently I believe that I can really do this, and the dream continues nonlucidly.