Lucid Dreaming/Reality Checks/Nose

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With the nose reality check, you close one eye, and try to see your nose. If you can't, then you're dreaming.

See Talk:Lucid Dreaming: Reality Checks: Nose for a discussion of this reality check's effectiveness.

Examples of this reality check working[edit]

  • I closed one eye to try and see if my nose was still there. Many people had told me that you shouldn't see your nose at all, but that wasn't true in this dream. It was smaller, and hard to look at. I became lucid.

Examples of this reality check failing[edit]

  • I closed one eye to look at my nose. It was still there and looked completely normal.
  • I tried to see if my nose was there. It was, but it was bent the wrong way. Unfortunately, I didn't become lucid. Instead, I carried on doing the RC over and over until it went back to normal.