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FYLSE or First Year Law Student Exam (colloquially known as the "Baby Bar" exam) is a regulatory exam for non ABA law school students.

Question Formats[edit]

Black Letter Law Outline[edit]

Essay Writing[edit]

Practice Multiple Choice Questions[edit]

  • How should the appeals court rule?
  • Is the B entitled to X from A?
  • If the court finds XX, what court thought?
  • If the jury believes XXX, ?
  • Should A do B?
  • If the court dismisses the action, what will be the most likely reason?
  • Can the A recover damages from B?
  • If XX, is A likely to prevail?
  • Will A succeed in B?
  • Should A prevail in his lawsuit?
  • Is A's motion likely to be granted?
  • Should the court grant the motion?
  • what is the most obvious constitutional basis?
  • Is A constitutional?
  • what will be the most likely reason?
  • If the court determines A, what will be the likely explanation?
  • If XX, how should the court rule?
  • Does A have a viable claim against B?
  • Which of the following steps should A take to do B?
  • Which of the following states the probable legal consequences?
  • What is likely to be the dispositive issue in this case?
  • Should the court uphold the A’s decision?
  • What is the A’s best argument in opposition to the B’s motion?
  • What is the strongest argument that A can make in response to the B’s defense?
  • What is the most likely reason for the court's ruling?
  • What is the most serious offense of which the A could properly be convicted?
  • How should the court proceed?



/Torts MCQ

Criminal Law[edit]

General Introduction of the Exam[edit]

Baby Bar Review Programs[edit]


  • Exam Fee $594 (Late fee $25~ 200)
  • Laptop Fee $146 (Late fee $15)

Grading Policy[edit]

The passing score for the First-Year Law Students' Examination is a total score of 560 or higher. An applicant's multiple-choice score will be the number of items answered correctly. Multiple-choice raw scores will be converted to a 400-point scale. This process adjusts for the possible differences between administrations of the examination in the average difficulty of their multiple-choice items.

Test centers[edit]

  • Oakland Convention Center (Writing, Typing, Dictate) located in Oakland City Center.
  • Pasadena Convention Center (Laptop, & Writing Only)
  • Sheraton Pasadena Hotel (Testing Accommodations Only – Writing, Typing, Dictate)
  • Doubletree Hotel Westside (Testing Accommodations)

After Passing the Exam[edit]

Criminal Procedure[edit]

Real Property[edit]


/Agency and Partnership Essay Attack Plan



Civil Procedure[edit]

Constitutional Law[edit]



Administrative Law[edit]

Community Property[edit]

Professional Responsibility[edit]



Past Questions and Sample Answers[edit]

Past Multiple Choice Questions[edit]

Analysis of Each Administration[edit]

Analysis of FYLSE Subject Questions from the Bar Examination[edit]

Criminal Law[edit]