How to Ace FYLSE/2013 F Q4

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Fact Summary[edit]

D dumped trees on P's property which caused flooding of P's property and chattel. It costs 30K to remove the tree, lowered the property value by 10k and costs 4k to buy or 5k to fix the chattel.


  • This is an intentional Torts and their remedies question.

Outline [P v. D][edit]

Trespass to Land[edit]

  • Licensee
  • Consent
  • necessity

Legal Remedies[edit]

  • actual cause
  • proximate
  • certain and ascertainable
  • mitigation
Nominal damages[edit]
Actual damages[edit]
  • Diminution in value.
  • Cost of repair: removal of the trees.
Punitive damages[edit]
Special damages[edit]

Equitable Remedies[edit]

  • Inadequate Legal Remedy
  • Balancing hardships
  • No defenses (i.e. laches)

Trespass to Chattel[edit]

  • transferred intent


Restitutionary Money Judgment[edit]

  • Ejectment
  • Injunction
  • Feasibility
  • Hardships