How to Ace FYLSE/October 2004 Exam

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Fact Summary[edit]



very difficult

Fact Summary[edit]


Child Molester Professor's recommendation letter did not mention the facts about an applicant and the applicant molests.

Gina v. Prof negligent misrepresentation

owe no duty of care to Gina? Cardozo- foreseeable Andrews- everyone

not the proximate cause of Gina's injury? actual cause proximate cause no because poor heart is a superseding cause

ULS is not vicariously liable? within the scope of employment not proximate cause Hand's formula substantial factor thin-skull/eggshell plaintiff

Criminal Law[edit]

Fact Summary[edit]


'I. - Dan - Justification of Actions 1.) Shopkeeper 2.) Owner - Recovery of personal property 3.) Felony Prevention 4.) Greater Evil II. Dan - Use of Threat of Deadly Force III. Crimes of Al A.) Murder 1.) Homicide

DEFENSES 1. Self-Defense 2. Heat of Passion 3. Inadequate Defense 4. Mental State B.) Larceny Defenses C.) Attempted Larceny by Trick Defenses Mistake