History of Edmeston, New York/1950s

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The history of Edmeston, New York: 1950 through 1960

1951[edit | edit source]

A War Memorial Monument was placed if front of the school by the Edmeston Rotary Club in May, 1951. Memorial Day services are held there following the annual parade.

From Time Magazine:

The Lull
Aug. 20, 1951
In the Hollywood Dance Hall in Yong-dungpo (a suburb of Seoul) last week, Sergeant John A. Wallace Jr. of Edmeston, N.Y., celebrated his 22nd birthday. Deciding to do well by himself and his friends, he hired the place, laid out a feast of roast beef, baked ham, potato salad, beer, whisky and champagne. While a six-piece native orchestra struggled manfully with U.S. dance music, G.I.s contentedly swung kisaeng girls (Korean equivalent of Japan's geishas) around the floor. Cost to Sergeant Wallace: $200. Said he happily: "This is my fourth birthday in the Far East, my second in Korea and the first I've had a chance to celebrate."

1958[edit | edit source]

In 1958 the opera house burned. With the loss of the theater also was a restaurant, locker plant and apartments. — Sandra Lohnas Haggerty