History of Edmeston, New York/Churches

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Taylor Hill[edit | edit source]

First Baptist Church[edit | edit source]

File:Edmeston NY messiah Church 1.jpg
Taylor Hill Church
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Taylor Hill Church

The First Baptist church of Edmeston, located on what is known as Taylor Hill, was organized March 8, 1794, by Rev. Stephen Taylor, who came from Rhode Island and settled in the town in 1790. He donated the land on which to erect the church, and assisted in the construction of the edifice. He died in 1841 at age 71.

Among those who joined at date of organization were:

Edmeston Centre[edit | edit source]

Second Baptist Church[edit | edit source]

Second Baptist Church
Second Baptist Church
Second Baptist Church Steeple
Second Baptist Church Parsonage. Union School is at the right. The church is off-camera to the left.

The Second Batptist church was organized in Edmeston Centre, May 30, and recognized by council June 11, 1846. Its first officers were L. B. Gregory, deacon, and Stanton Tefft, clerk. Rev. Justus H. Wells are the first pastor. Its constituent members were Silas Coats, Stanton Tefft, Perry Pope, L. B. Gregory, D. O. Church, nelson Greene, Stephen Card, Harvey Pasco, with sisters Coats, Tefft, Pope, Gregory, Card, Caleb Perkins and Sarah, his wife, Sally Brown, Emeline Potter, Hannah Spafford, Freelove Kennedy and two or three others, making twenty-one or twenty-two in all.

The first and only meeting-house was erected of wood in 1853. It cost about $2500, and is 34 by 48 feet in size, and has a tower and fine-toned bell. Previous to this time, religious services were held in school-houses and at the Universalist house. The house was begun in May, 1853, and was dedicated to the worship of Almighty God in November, 1853. Its present deacons are S. A. Coats, J. T. Richards, and c. W. Hopkins; Eli Chamberlain is church clerk. The Rev. Lawson Muzzy was chosen pastor in April, 1874, and still continues to fill that office. Rev. J. H. Wells served the church as pastor nearly five years; Rev. Hewett Fitch, nine years; Rev. J. C. Foster, two years; Rev. S. N. Westcott, four years; Rev. G. H. Hogeboom, two years; Rev. G. E. Flint, three years; Rev. J. H. Chamberlain, one year. The present membership is one hundred and thirty.

This church has been blessed with an unusual degree of peace and harmony, and has for the most of the time enjoyed a good degree of prosperity. Three of its number has been called of God, as we believe, to preach the gospel to the perishing. The Rev. J. D. Pope is worthily serving the Master in St. John, Nova Scotia; his brother, Rev. D. B. Pope, is a faithful pastor in this State, and the third brother, John Greene, is pursuing his preparatory studies in the theological seminary at Hamilton.

The meeting-house was built during the pastorate of Rev. H. Fitch, who served the church acceptably and faithfully. The most remarkable and extended revival known in the congregation, or in this town, was enjoyed in the winter and spring of 1875, under the labors of their present pastor, Rev. l. Muzzy. Meetings wre continued daily for three months, and were characterized by unusual solemnity, and striking exhibitions of divine power and grace. Over one hundred were hopefully converted. Some fifty were added to the church during that year. Their Sunday-school is a present as well organized and as prosperous as any school in the county.

Universalist church[edit | edit source]

The Universalist church of Edmeston was organized At Edmeston Centre, Nov. 25, 1843, with thirty-nine members. Rec. Z. Cook was the first officiating pastor. The church building was erected in the year following the organization, at a cost of about $2500. Only occasional services are now held.

Free Methodist church[edit | edit source]

The Free Methodist church of Edmeston was organized April 17, 1871, by William Southworth. The following were the first trustees: Artemus Welch, Wilbur F. Walling, Ezra Wheeler, Daniel Colegrove, Stephen Winsor, Warren Colegrove, and Darling Stephens. The name of the first minister was William Southworth. The names of the first members were Daniel Colegrove, D. Colegrove, Wilbur Walling, Lorenda Walling, Esther Preston, Mary York, Phoebe Hopkins, Paulina Mitchell, Ezra Wheeler, Darling Stephens, Rhoda Stephens, David Walling, Esther Babcock, Stephen Winsor, Henrietta Winsor, Warren Colegrove, Mary Colegrove, S. S. Webber. The first church building was erected in 1871, at a cost of $1000. The present trustees are Daniel Colegrove, Albert Denison, and Warren Colegrove.

The present minister is S. W. Crunk. The name and time employed of each minister was:

  • David Dempsey, one year
  • Daniel Colegrove, one year
  • S. B. McVay, one year
  • Daniel Colegrove, one year
  • S. W. Perkins, one year
  • J. B. Stacy, one year
  • S. W. Cronk, one year

Number of present members, sixteen.

South Edmeston[edit | edit source]

West Edmeston[edit | edit source]

Aug 24, 1898, The new First Day Baptist Church building was opened in West Edmeston. The idea for a Church was conceived in January of 1897. In Feb. of 1898 the Church was formally organized and admitted to the Otsego county Baptist Association. — First Day Baptist Church, Memories of West Edmeston